Update LibreOffice! The new version fixes more than 80 bugs

lovers of open source software Possibly they have installed on their computers the most iconic productivity suite in the sector, we are talking about LibreOffice. This is a fully live project that receives regular updates to improve both its functionality and stability, as it happens.

Here we find a set of office programs whose firm objective is to stand up to the Microsoft’s popular office. Little by little and thanks to the constant updates sent, she is getting it. The developers of all this software pay special attention to both features and file compatibility here. In this way, what is achieved is that a growing number of users decide to migrate from Office to LibreOffice, in addition to the economic savings that this entails.

As its developers let us know, at the moment the open source suite offers the highest level of compatibility in this market. All this starting with the native compatibility with the format Open Document Formatalso know as ODF. But they also want to make a special mention of compatibility with office files as used as they are DOCX, XLSX Y PPTX. In fact, it could be said that one of the strong points that these programs offer us is precisely the compatibility with files related to the sector.

Also, as we mentioned before, this is a software that is constantly growing and improving, all thanks to the updates that are received every so often. This is precisely the case that concerns us with the new Libre Office 7.3.4 which we will talk about next.

The new LibreOffice is more reliable and compatible, it updates

We tell you all this because the new version of the office suite has just been made available to everyone. Specifically, we refer to LibreOffice 7.3.4 where work has been done on the stability of the programs that make up the suite. In addition, special emphasis has been placed here on everything related to stability when working on a day-to-day basis. It’s not in vain new version fixes more than 80 bugs detected Recently.

To benefit from all this and if we are both new and regular users of this suite, we can download the new version from its official website. In addition, its developers, The Document Foundation, have also implemented some improvements and fixes to the included programs. That is why below we will name some of the most interesting changes that come with the new version of LibreOffice.

new libreoffice

  • We can now add hyperlinks to the forms of the documents.
  • Footnotes and endnotes in a paragraph are treated like any text for search and replace purposes.
  • We have support in lists for Writer’s paragraph styles.
  • Added new character styles and linked paragraphs.
  • The deletion and insertion of rows is integrated in the boards with tracking.
  • Visualization and management of changes for the follow-up of the tables in the documents.

All this leads us to update to the new version of the office suite as soon as possible and thus enjoy all these corrections and new features as soon as possible.

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