Update now! Your Apple Watch could have security problems

This update is back to support Apple Watch Series 3, Series 4, Series 5, Series 6 and SE. Without leaving a device on the way, this version can be downloaded normally by following the usual steps in the iPhone Watch application, from the ‘My Watch’ tab and going to General> Software updates. It is also possible to download it from the watch itself in Settings> General> Software update. Of course, as always, you will have to have at least 50% battery on the clock and be charging.

watchos 7.6.1

Why is this watchOS 7.6.1 important?

In the details of the update that you can find in the screenshot attached to this post, you can see that Apple limits itself to saying that it contains “Important security updates.” If we enter the link that is attached in these notes, we access the Apple support web page in which more details about these patches that have been added in version 7.6.1 of watchOS are given.

In the aforementioned page the following is detailed (translated from English):

An application might be able to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges. Apple is aware of a report that this issue may have been actively exploited. […] The memory corruption problem is solved by improving its handling. »

It is not the first time that we have found vulnerabilities in the watch and it is not a novelty at Apple this week either, since it released respective updates for the rest of its devices due to significant security holes having been detected. Therefore, far from being bad news, it is positive that the company has managed to solve these problems so quickly and has released this update.

As always happens, the fact that there are vulnerabilities in an operating system does not mean that all users are going to be affected, but in the end they are exposed to it and the best way to prevent is by updating. So if you have one of the aforementioned watches, it is advisable that you update as soon as possible.

watchOS 8 is already waiting on the horizon

Beyond this security patch and others that may arrive in the coming months, all eyes are already on the next big update for the Apple Watch. Apple presented all the features of watchOS 8 at the inaugural event of WWDC 2021 held in June and in fact we are already in the fourth beta of this operating system.

watchos 8

Not that this is one of the biggest updates in the history of the watch, but it incorporates small news that can be very relevant and that ultimately means improving the user experience of users. Of course, this version will not arrive Until September, presumable month in which the Cupertino company will make this update public for the same Apple Watch that are already compatible with the ‘7’.

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