Update Steam! The new version brings great news

If you like video games, and you play on PC, surely you know Steam. This is the largest digital game store, and one of the largest social platforms for gamers. Within it we can find practically any game available for the computer, and get it, if we know how to find the right moment, at the best price. Once we have bought a game, we must use the desktop client (the Steam application) to download and install it on our computer. This client had an outdated, outdated appearance. Luckily, Valve is working on a complete renovation of it, renovation, of which, today we have a little more.

A little over a week ago we could see, thanks to the beta version of the program, an important renewal of the Steam desktop client. Specifically in the download section, which was one of the most neglected.

Normally, Valve usually first brings the news to users who are signed up for the beta of the program, to test them, and, if all goes well, in about two weeks these news usually reach the rest of the users. And so it has been. After seeing the news about this download client for more than a week, from today all users will be able to enjoy these changes without having to install the beta of the program.

What’s new in the new version of Steam

The most striking thing about this new version is the new appearance of the Steam download center. From there we will be able to see much better all the information related to the games that we are downloading. For example, in addition to seeing an image of the game in question, the graphs, the progress bar and the remaining time are much more accurate, since the disc allocation times are taken into account.

Beta Steam - Download 2

In addition, we will also meet with new options within the context menu. If we right-click on any of the games that are being downloaded, we will be able to find a menu from which we will be able to pause the download in question, or run the game automatically once the download is complete. If we have the Steam download speed limitation activated, we will also be able to deactivate this limitation from this menu.

This new version of the program allows us see the progress bar much better of the download thanks to a new shading, and even allows us to differentiate between the content of the game, the DLC or the contents of the workshop when downloading games.

Beta Steam - Download 1

Finally, we can see a new section that will allow us to see, in a floating window, the patch notes of each game to know everything that has changed.

Update the program

If we are aimed at the Steam beta, then we can see these news for a week. However, if we are users of the normal version, then we will have to update the program for this new download panel to start working.

Steam is prepared to update itself. If the last time we have used it it has detected a new version, it will have been downloaded and will be installed the next time we open the program. Otherwise, we will have to log into the program, keep it open for a while, close it and reopen it so that this new version can be downloaded to the computer.

If we don’t have it installed, we can download and install the latest version from here.

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