Update to Chrome 98: new privacy guide, better emojis and more

This is a version of the program that the search giant has started rolling out just a few hours ago and that coincides with the start of February 2022. Here we will find some important news which we will talk about below both at the level of security, privacy, appearance and functionality.

Chrome 98 helps you improve privacy

One of the most striking features here is that version 98 includes a new privacy guide which will help us check some important settings in this regard. Keep in mind that this function is currently hidden behind a flag, but it seems that it will soon be available publicly and permanently. Here we refer to a useful tool that helps us check the privacy and security of the browser. To see it we just have to type the following in the address bar:


This is an element that is found in the Security and Privacy configuration option and is actually a guided tour of some of the settings that allow us to improve privacy.

Download a more functional and attractive browser

As far as the appearance of the interface of the new version of the program is concerned, Chrome 98 implements a series of emoji improvements. Here comes a new set of vector fonts which means that these graphic elements can be scaled better. Likewise, this is also due to the change of vector formats from the integrated PNGs. In short, the improvement translates into a better appearance of the emojis when we enlarge their size.

emoji chrome

Another of the changes that we are going to find here is related to the screenshot function. And it is that Chrome 98 It facilitates this task with its own tool of this type. From now on, when you click on the share icon in the address bar, we will see a new screenshot option that will greatly facilitate this type of task.

At the same time it is worth noting that web apps here already look better and more stable. Keep in mind that the firm has been testing a more native-looking bar for these web applications for some time. Now it has been integrated into Chrome 98 and it makes better use of the available space and has a nicer appearance.

How to update Google browser

After all that has been said, we see that this is a version that integrates some interesting functions and features. All this means that we should update to the new Chrome 98 as soon as possible. This is something that we can do from the official website of the program, although we can also make it update automatically.

chrome 98

It must be said that the browser will be automatically installed on the PC when it is available, which may take a few hours. To automatically install the new version we just have to go to the menu option Google Chrome Help / Information.

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