Update to Chrome 99, now with a new download indicator and more

Google is fully aware that one of its main products, among the many it has to its credit, is its web browser. One of the main reasons for this is the huge market penetration of this software, so try to keep it updated at all times, as is the case. Next, we will talk about all the news that comes with the new Chrome 99.

These updates are released periodically to fix the latest bugs and bring us the latest features developed. We can receive these updates automatically by simply going to the main menu of the program and accessing Google Chrome Help / Information. At that moment or over the next few hours we will receive the new version of the program for Windows, macOS and Linux.

As you can imagine we are at the gates of the arrival of version 100 of this popular browser. But we must not anticipate events since the new Chrome 99 also presents us some interesting news. We will still have to wait a few weeks for this software to reach 3 digits in its version. Also, it is worth noting that the new version has received all the pending security patches of the last few weeks.

New features coming to Chrome 99

One of the main novelties that we are going to find in this new version of the program is an indicator in the form of a direct access icon in the upper toolbar for the downloads that we carry out here. This means that when we download something a small blue downloads icon on the toolbar top of the interface. At the same time, when it ends, it turns gray and finally disappears. It is worth mentioning that this function for downloads in Chrome is something that is in full testing in this version of the program.

We also came across a new feature that browser users and developers have been requesting for a long time. And it is that thanks to all this it will be possible that the web applications are more attractive. All this we discussed will be achieved thanks to a new date picker for forms, among other things. It’s also worth knowing that Google started testing an API for handwriting recognition in Chrome 91. This will allow you to easily implement this feature in web applications. Well, now Google is ending the API in version 99.

On the other hand, as regards the extensions we use in the program, at the end of 2020 the API Manifest V3 was introduced. This was primarily used for blocking unwanted ads, and is now replaced by the chrome.declarativeNetRequest API.

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Other minor new features of the Google browser

In the same way, the search giant has implemented another series of new features in the new Chrome 99 version that will not be so visible to the end user. However, they continue to affect the experience of using the program and the development of elements for it by external agents.

  • Web applications now support the color_scheme_dark field to specify a different theme and background tone in dark mode.
  • The new version of the program introduces versions for the CSS properties of text highlight.
  • Developers can now create layers to represent the default values ​​of elements, themes, and components.
  • Battery Status API is no longer supported non-secure websites such as HTTP pages.

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