Update your HomePod! Apple released version 15.1.1

What’s new for HomePod 15.1.1?

Although the HomePods do not offer a visual interface such as that of a smartphone or a computer, it does not mean that it does not have integrated software. In fact it does and it is extremely important for its proper functioning; from being able to reproduce sound with total clarity to sending commands to the Siri assistant. Taking into account that there can always be bugs, as happens on an iPhone with iOS, it is always advisable to have it updated to the latest version available.

It was yesterday, November 3, when Apple released version 15.1.1 for these, detailing that it corrected Podcast app problems. However, and despite not specifying anything else, it is expected to include other bug fixes and performance improvements. We remember that these three-digit versions do not usually bring functional novelties to the speakers, unlike what happened for example with the 15.1 that integrated lossless audio playback in Apple Music.

Precisely the reproduction of musical content at the highest quality could be another reason why this update arrives. And, despite being available from the aforementioned 15.1, the truth is that many users reported having difficulties activating it or even not noticing that it had any effect on playback. Therefore, we intuit that perhaps this is one of the corrected bugs.

A promising future with homeOS?

Although unofficially the HomePod software is known as audiOS, the truth is that Apple does not call it that. In fact, it has not been assigned a name and when a new update appears it is called “HomePod X” (where X is the version number). This system, which is based on tvOS, the Apple TV system, could soon have a own operating system and common to other devices like Apple TV themselves or AirPods.

The reason for this is that a new job offer from Apple has recently been discovered in which they detail that among the functions would be work in the homeOS area, an operating system that has never been officially named or even referenced. Although it is not the first time that it appears indicated in a job offer from the company.

If we add to this indication that Apple is recently presenting its HomePods, Apple TV and AirPods closely linked to the home, including its software, we could be facing more evidence. In fact tvOS 15 was not named as such in the company’s WWDC 2021, relegating the Apple TV software news precisely to the “Home” section.

Be that as it may, for the moment this seems to be a minor detail, although we will probably know more data in the coming months. A new device is even expected to replace the already discontinued original HomePods. Until then, if you are already a user of one of these speakers, we insist on updating to live the best user experience with it.

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