Update your Windows and Office licenses from only 13 euros

According to Statcounter data, almost a 75% of PCs globally They use Windows as their operating system, and the Microsoft system has proven to be versatile while being quite safe and functional even for novice users. The problem is that the original licenses that Microsoft sells are so expensive that most users resort to illegal methods to get their computer up and running; do not worry, if this is your case now the price will not be an excuse because with the offers that we are going to show you below it would be absurd not to have an original license.

Windows and Office licenses at the best price ever

Today we are going to talk about the online store UrcdkeyLike many others, it acquires OEM licenses for both Windows and Office in large volume, reactivates them and resells them at a price that sometimes represents a 90% discount or more compared to the price at which Microsoft sells them. And you should not worry, because this is completely legal in Europe since 2012.

Right now they have the largest promotion in their history active, since they have increased the discount of the code that we leave you below from 20 to 25% and, the more licenses you buy, the greater the discount, reaching up to 35% if you buy three or more licenses.


We invite you to click on the link above to take a look at all the licenses they have available, but below we are going to give you some examples in which you can save a lot of money. Don’t forget to use the discount code HZ25 that will provide you with an extra 25% discount with respect to the prices that appear on the web.

Licensing for Windows 10

The biggest discounts ever for Office

Extra savings if you buy a license pack

Buy your licenses with complete peace of mind

As we have mentioned before, Urcdkey is one of the many online digital license stores that is dedicated to acquiring OEM licenses of PCs that were going to be discarded, reactivates them and resells them for a little more money, which allows you can get Windows licenses for the prices you see above, prices that undoubtedly make piracy no longer an option. This activity is completely legal in Europe since 2012, so you do not have to worry about the origin.

Windows 10 computer

This store works like any other online store: you must register with a valid email address, and this is important because you will be buying digital licenses and the product you will receive will arrive in the form of a license code to the email address with which you have registered. It also supports PayPal as a payment method for added security and speed, since generally after confirming the payment you will receive your license code in just a few minutes.

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