Updated Notability and FileMaker with native support for Mac M1

New applications are updated to be natively compatible with M1 Macs. That is to say with Apple Silicon. Since its launch, developers have been working hard to make applications compatible with a chip that has turned out to be and offer a number of advantages for Macs. Applications are nurtured by these advantages and new ones that have been updated, Notability and FileMaker perform far better.


Apple subsidiary Claris today announced the release of FileMaker version 19.3 with several new features, including native Apple Silicon support, resulting in improved performance on Macs with the M1 chip.

  • FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server are the first universal low-code macOS binaries that guarantee a optimized performance on Apple silicone computers while delivering blazing speed on Intel-based Mac computers.
  • Microsoft Edge for Windows – The latest Microsoft Edge WebView2 control replaces Internet Explorer 11 (IE11), which eliminates potential security issues and ensures the full extensibility of FileMaker on Windows.
  • Significant server improvements: introduction of Ubuntu, the most popular Linux distribution in the world.


The popular note-taking app Notability was also updated with native support for Apple Silicon, resulting in a up to 50% faster performance when running on a Mac M1 compared to an Intel-based Mac. It allows users to create handwritten digital notes with audio, which is useful for conferences and more.

Current Notability users on iPad can download the Mac version for free from the Mac App Store. New users can buy Notability for € 9.99 and use it on Mac, iPad and iPhone with a single purchase.

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