Upgrade to Windows 11 for free with this lifetime Windows 10 license for € 11

Use coupon HZ35 for a 35% discount on your Windows 10 license

If you notice, when you click on any of the links that we have placed above, the prices are higher than what we indicate here, and that is because the prices that we suggest have the HZ35 discount coupon already pre-applied (you do not worry, because we’ll show you how to use them right away). The result is that you can buy your original Windows 10 license and for life with a 91% discount compared to what you would pay buying it directly from Microsoft, and also with this you can free upgrade to Windows 11 whenever you want (at least as long as Microsoft allows it).

How is the code used? How is the license activated?

As we have commented, in order for you to buy a Windows 10 license at the price that we have indicated above, it will be necessary that you use the discount coupon HZ35 during the purchase process, so we are going to detail below what you must do to take advantage of this offer.

The first thing you should do is register in the online store in the same way as you would in any other, with an email address that you have access to since when you buy a license what you will receive is a code in your email, which later you can use (shortly we will also show you how). Once you have your user account in the store, access one of the links that we have placed above and add the product to the “shopping cart” and, when you have already added all the licenses you want to buy, access the cart . At the bottom you will see the box “Promotion code”, where you can put the coupon HZ35.

Discount code Windows 10 Office

After doing this, click on the “Request” button and you will see how the price is updated and now it does match the one we put above. Once done, you can continue with the purchase process and proceed to payment; after confirming (recommended PayPal due to its speed, simplicity and security), in a few minutes you will receive the license code at the email address with which you registered in the store.

Once you have the Windows 10 license in your possession, you must access Settings (click Start and then select the gear icon), then the “Update and security” menu, and finally click on “Activation” in the part on the left. There you have a button called «Change product key», so click on it and a window will open in which you can write or paste the license you have purchased.

Activate Windows 10

Once entered, click on Next and in a few seconds the system will check its validity and activate your copy of Windows 10. Once done, make sure to install all the system updates and you will be ready to update to Windows 11 .

Windows 10 activated

As you may already know, online stores like CDKeySales buy licenses in bulk, licenses that come from discarded OEM equipment and that are perfectly valid and legal, since that was established by the European court in 2021. However, we recommend this store because even If you find problems, they have a customer service that will help you with the purchase and activation process without any problem.

Finally, it should be noted that CDKeySales is an online store that guarantees you a permanently valid password, and you also have a 30-day exchange and return period without obligation from the date of purchase if you are not satisfied.

Sponsored by CDKeySales.

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