Upgrade your driving on PC and Xbox with this deal on the Logitech G920

Car racing enthusiasts will certainly appreciate this offer as they should, as a good steering wheel and pedals make all the difference. In the case of these Logitech G920 we are facing a more than competitive set, where its characteristics and new price will make you look at your wallet or bank account to go for them.

Logitech G920, play on PC or Xbox and be faster than your rival


Playing with a good gamepad is not the same as playing with a racing wheel and pedals. There is an abyss in performance that, no matter how good we are with the command, a team like this will improve us and we will be faster in lap by lap.

Perhaps and leaving the performance aside, the most important thing is the immersive gaming experience, where as soon as we have a decent monitor or TV this set elevates the sensations to a great extent. And we are talking about a steering wheel that is sewn in leather and by hand, where it is capable of turning nothing less than 900º.

Two internal engines are responsible for giving the maximum sensation of reality by letting you feel the asphalt or terrain on which the car is located, as well as skidding. To do this, it collects steel bearings on the main axis of the steering wheel, which achieves a greater weight and durability of the set, apart of course from the highest quality leather applied by Logitech.

Stainless steel, precision and ergonomics


Another of the key sections of course are its pedals. These are made of stainless steel and are fully adjustable so that we can drive in a more natural position thanks to its independence from the ground.

The brake pedal is of the non-linear type, which improves the sensations when we want to stop the car just in the exact place to enter the curve, in addition, the pedals as such have a non-slip system and coating to improve grip.

Lastly, the gearshift levers (also called paddles) are made of burnished stainless steel, which adds a premium touch to the whole. As discussed above, this G920 is the version that Logitech designed for PC and Xbox, while the G29 is the version for PlayStation. And now the most important thing, the price, until now Logitech had it set at no less than 400 euros, but after this offer and 45% discount we can buy it in just 219.99 euros.

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