US Congressman Shares Controversial Christmas Photo Posing With Long Guns

The arrival of Christmas is accompanied by family photographs with decorations of the season, however, that of the congressman republican Thomas Massie, in the United States, caused great controversy as he poses with weapons heavy gauge.

The congressman by Kentucky became a trend on Twitter after sharing the postcard on his account this Saturday, December 4, where he also asks Santa Claus to bring him ammunition as a gift from Christmas.

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In the image the congressman poses with his family, all wearing outfits of the same color and carrying long guns by the Christmas tree, something that sparked outrage as it was released just days after a Michigan school shooting.

The legislator democrat John Yarmuth responded to the publication by assuring that “not everyone in Kentucky is an insensitive idiot.” Criticism added by the father of a deceased teenager, Manuel Oliver, in the 2018 school shooting.

“It is a large part of the trouble. I do not know if they were trying to be ironic, funny, or what but it is in the worst taste (…) It is something that should teach us who we should elect (for public office) and who we should not, “said Oliver in an interview for CNN quoted by the EFE agency.

Michigan school shooting

Last Tuesday, November 30, a Teen, identified as 15-year-old Ethan, opened fire andn a high school of Michigan killing four of his companions and injuring seven.

After what happened, the minor’s parents were detained and accused of involuntary manslaughter, as they would have been the ones who bought the weapon with which their son killed the students.

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The teenager’s parents were accused of four counts of involuntary manslaughter, with which they could spend up to 15 years in prison. “These charges are intended to hold accountable individuals who contributed to this tragedy and also to send the message that gun owners have a responsibility, ”said Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald.

What happened in the high school of Michigan has led to a resumption of the debate on the control of access to weapons in the United States, EFE points out.


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