US Customs Breaks Record for Fake AirPods Confiscations

Since Apple released its first AirPods, the counterfeiters have won the lottery. At last they can fake an Apple device (I say device, not Apple Watch cases or straps) and try to “sneak in” as original.

So it’s no wonder that US customs broke the record this year for counterfeit AirPods seized at the border. Almost 400,000 units in the last 9 months. What a fabric.

The US customs agency is seizing a record number of fake AirPods this year. More than 360,000 counterfeit wireless headsets have been seized in the past 9 months. The value of said confiscated material has exceeded 62 million of dollars.

Fake AirPods have always been on the market ever since Apple released the wireless earbuds in 2016. However, US customs have never seen the level of counterfeits arriving at the US border as in the last nine months.

As published The Information, more than 360,000 fake wireless headphones have been seized in the last nine months with a total value of more than 62 million dollars. The agency says that, by comparison, only about $ 3.3 million worth of counterfeit headphones had been seized just a couple of years ago.

Apple’s AirPods quickly became the most popular wireless earbuds on the market shortly after their launch. Today, Apple’s AirPods line is so successful that it would be a list company. Fortune 100 if it were a separate company from Apple itself.

Be very careful and buy your AirPods only from trusted sites. Avoid the irresistible offers in stores that are not prestigious or authorized distributors, much less in second-hand sites such as Wallapop. Most likely they are fake AirPods.

The current AirPods lineup includes the AirPods, AirPods Pro and headphones AirPods Max recently released. The company is expected to reveal the next generation of AirPods later this year.

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