US engineers use 19th century technology to create lithium-free batteries

When it comes to technology, it seems that the goal is always to advance and innovate. However, on this occasion, a group of engineers has been based on techniques used during the 19th century to create lithium-free batteries.. The elaboration of this was achieved thanks to the rescue of methods used in 1884.

When science and creativity come together, the result is always amazing. Such is the case of these engineers who, using the technology of the past, have managed to produce a lithium battery, which promises to reduce the cost of electric bills.. Since these allow to contain a large amount of energy, and represent a solution to current problems in terms of energy storage.

The problem of lithium batteries

Currently, lithium is the most widely used due to its large number of benefits. This is one of the lightest metals, which makes it an ideal conductor of heat and energy. That is why it is used in the use of electric vehicles, batteries, mobile phones, aerospace technology, among others. However, it also brings with it problems such as the production of pollution. In addition, Batteries have reduced storage compared to other materials.

This battery created by a group of American engineers, It is based on the system used on the Le France airship. This one had a zinc and chlorine flow battery. Which weighed around 435 kilograms. Thanks to it, the ship was able to fly through the Parisian skies and make a journey of 8 kilometers. According to the words of the North American company Infinity Turbine, the new battery uses a mechanism similar to that of the aircraft.

the new battery, called SalgenX is larger than the one used by Le France. Its weight exceeds it by several tons and its size is equivalent to that of several containers. In addition, it also differs from it in the use of salt water as its primary component. However, it is not intended to be used in a vehicle or aircraft, but has a much more beneficial objective for the environment.

The SalgenX was created with the intention of storing renewable energy. One of the big drawbacks when it comes to sustainable energy sources is their inconsistency. For example, solar plants can only work and provide energy during the day, while wind plants need the wind. So, until now, it was unlikely to be able to use only one of these methods to supply energy to a place.

simplicity is the key

The operation of this battery is simpler than you might think, since it is based on a key element: the separation of electrolytes. This uses a flow battery made up of two separate electrolyte tanks. Which, when combined on electrodes, can store large amounts of energy without any inconvenience. In the same way, this electricity can be discharged at any time you want.

According to the American company, this technology is scalable. This means that it can be used to store the capacity that is required. Similarly, its construction represents lower costs than other batteries. This is because the components for its creation are cheaper than those used in current lithium batteries.

Another of its advantages is that it can be easily assembled in the place where it will be used, which implies even lower costs in transportation and construction.. The SalgenX joins the current race to find a battery that can be used in the production of electric vehicles, and in the storage of renewable energy. Which makes it one of the most promising batteries in this race.

Currently, several companies are working to create batteries that allow the use of renewable energy. However, the production mechanism of the SalgenX becomes a very attractive solution for everyone. pollution problems involved in current energy production.

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