US vetoes several Chinese companies for supplying technology to China’s military

The US Department of Commerce Office of Safety and Industry he has added 27 companies to its entity list with which US companies are prohibited from doing business because they pose a threat to national security. One of them is a joint venture formed in China by HPE and a local company, according to The Register.

Is about New H3C Semiconductor Technologies Co., and as it appears in the preliminary announcement of the list of prohibited companies, the US authorities have included it in it for “support the military modernization of the People’s Liberation Army«. The data in the list matches that of that company, created jointly by HPE and Tsinghua Unigroup and dedicated to the development of network products.

H3C is still the exclusive provider of servers and storage systems for HPE, as well as the provider of the associated technical services. And according to a spokesperson for HPE, this company, in which it does not have a wholesale position in terms of the number of shares in its possession, is related to them.

The United States Secretary of Commerce, Gina Raimondo, has rated eight other recently banned Chinese companies as companies working to advance the efforts of the Government of China «to support military applications, such as anti-submarine and stealth reversal applications, as well as the ability to break encryption or develop unbreakable encryption«.

Another 16 entities from China and Pakistan have entered the list «for their contributions to Pakistan’s unprotected nuclear activities, or its ballistic missile program«. Three subsidiaries of Corad Technology Limited, a Chinese company that entered it in 2019, have now also entered because, according to the US Department of Commerce, they have been selling American technology to the military and space programs of Iran and North Korea, as well. like other Chinese companies. These subsidiaries operate in Singapore, Japan and the Chinese city of Shenzen.

But not only Chinese companies have entered the list. So has a Russian entity, the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, for apparently manufacturing military products for a military man without identifying to whom they were sold in a private capacity.

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