uSCALE Price Estimator, Fujitsu’s new local consumption-based infrastructure

The Japanese company has announced the launch of its new bet in the IT sector in which it intends to create a flexible solution, transparent Y moldable to each client, offering a service similar to that of the cloud, cloud computing.

customers of Fujitsu will be able to estimate their monthly budget needs through the system uSCALE Price Estimator. With this series of pre-packaged local infrastructure solutions, it is estimated that the 40% of compute and storage on-premises will be consumed as a service in 2025 versus less than 10% in 2021.

With this new strategy, customers of Fujitsu They will be able to apply the same benefits to the local infrastructure as to the cloud, that is, to control the data, applications and workloads in their own facilities, paying according to what they use. In this way it is achieved:

  • business flexibility, operational and financial. Control of the IT infrastructure and business and customer data is maintained.
  • Controlled of marketing. It incorporates a model of monthly payment. Each business will be able to control, from local centers, the cost per consumption in data management and computing, as well as the devices they have in their offices. Expenses are reduced by optimizing the provisioning of hardware.
  • Simplicity in administration. In addition to taking full advantage of the latest technologies, compliance with regulations and data security will be guaranteed on the basis of calculated prices. In this way, they will not have to anticipate the money or worry about the provisioning, since the marketing times.

The new system that reveals Fujitsu (uSCALE Price Estimator) is a true revolution and intends to keep it that way for years to come.

The CEO of Fujitsu in Europe, Christian Leutnerensures that “business resilience and financial and technical flexibility go hand in hand with the new Fujitsu uSCALE«. And it is that the clients of this new tool will always have access to the pre-provisioned buffer capacity.

Unstoppable trend of cloud computing

Fujitsu uSCALE Price Estimator It is currently in the UK, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Companies are advancing by leaps and bounds and applying new automation systems based on the cloud to optimize costs. However, said automation will require planning and coordination that promotes the productivity.

Companies in the IT sector need to invest more in the development of skills and resources that put these technologies into practice. For the cloud to work, the profiles of designers and architects will have to be defined.

The model Fujitsu uSCALE reflects the trend towards Cloud Computing, pay for what is consumed. Therefore, emerging infrastructure offerings such as bare metal and edge as a service fit with this. Establish monitoring approaches and cost analysis It benefits the removal of anything unnecessary from the public cloud.

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