Use Adobe Stock without paying, downloading thousands of photos for free

As we can imagine, the Internet has opened up an almost infinite space of possibilities and content that allow us to obtain almost any multimedia element that we need to carry out our work, projects, blogs, web pages, etc. One of the perhaps less known options is this Adobe proposal, which many users discard because it is paid, although there are legal ways to access content for free.

What is Adobe Stock

We are talking about one of the biggest multimedia libraries and online in the world, because not for nothing has more than 40 million high-quality files. Its main advantage is its total integration with the rest of the Adobe applications (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere and After Effects) since we can access all its content without leaving the interface. In this library, we not only find archive images, but also have millions of photographs, video clips, animations, illustrations, icons, templates, 3D models, audio clips and other files that we can use freely as they do not have copyright. .

In order to use Adobe Stock, it is not necessary to have a Creative Cloud subscription, or even to use some of the Adobe applications, as it will only be essential that we have a free Adobe ID account. In this way we can have access to a good amount of content without having to pay a single euro.

If we want to have access to the assets that are part of Adobe Stock, they can be acquired in two ways. On the one hand, buying credit packages and on the other through a monthly subscription that entitles us to a certain amount of files. However, there are also two completely legal ways that you can download files from that image library for free like the ones we’re going to see below.

Ways to download photos and videos

Next, we are going to explain the different ways we have available to download content for free and legally from Adobe Stock.

Download free content

Although many users are unaware of it, we can find more than 70,000 files They are available for free on this platform, so we can download them without having to pay anything. For this, it will not be necessary to provide our credit card details or even pay for a subscription to Adobe Stock or Creative Cloud. All you have to do is register by clicking on this link on your website. From here we can register with our email and password or log in with our Google or Facebook account.

Once our account is created we can search and locate these free files either by category or subject. All these files that we can find on this site are authorized to be used for both personal and commercial use as they are free of copyright.

Subscription to the free trial period

The second option we have available to download content from the Stock website is by subscribing to the 30-day trial period offered by the Adobe platform. In this way, it allows us to download up to 10 standard content for free.

Adobe Stock free trial

To start this free trial, just click on this link to the Stock website. To use this method it will be necessary to introduce a bank card. When entering the page we are informed that we can get 10 standard assets during this period without charging anything until the moment it ends, allowing you to cancel without risk before the end of the test. In this way we can enjoy 30 days without passing any charge to us for it. In case we do not cancel, at the end of the trial period we proceed to collect the payment of 22.99 euros per month (10 assets). It also has another plan of 79.99 euros per month for 40 assets and 169.99 euros per month for 350 assets.

How to download content

On its main page it has a search bar in which on the left side it gives us the option to choose Free. This means that any search that we carry out will show us exclusively the content for which there is no payment. We simply enter a search keyword to show us the corresponding images.

Adobe Stocks search

Once the search is done, it will show us all the results found, which we can classify by type of content (images, videos, templates, 3D or all), as well as subcategory, orientation, size, etc.

Once we click on the desired image, a brief description of it will appear, as well as its dimensions, the type of file, the category and the type of license. To obtain the image, just press the button. «Get free license». Once this is done, Windows Explorer appears to select where we want it to be stored, as well as give it a name.

Adobe Stock free image download

In this way, you can use Adobe Stock to browse and download photos, videos, and illustrations. All the resources in the “Free” section can be easily downloaded as we have seen.

Also, in the upper left there is an image search tool that we can use to search for similar photos. Just click on the magnifying glass icon and then click on the “Load an image or audio file to start” box. Once the image is analyzed, it will show us similar photos that we can download.

Methods to buy assets

In the event that the free options fall short, we can also buy assets by packages, as it will not be possible to buy just one. This is something that we can do from the Creative Cloud applications (Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, etc.) or from this link to their website. There are two methods to do it:

  • Buy credit packages: whether they are 5, 16, 40, 80 or 150. The bigger the package, the cheaper each credit becomes. Their prices are 39.95 euros, 121.45 euros, 269.99 euros, 499.99 euros and 899.99 euros respectively.
  • Contract a subscription: annual or monthly of 10, 40 or 750 contents per month. For this, its price is 29.99 euros, 79.99 euros and 159.99 euros respectively.

Adobe Stock subscriptions

Also, to complicate things a bit more, there are different types of assets that cost a different amount of credits. In this way, it is possible to buy standard images for a single credit, while videos cost between 8 and 12 credits each and premium images start at 12 credits each.

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