Use Checkmarks or Ticks in your Excel Task Lists

A priori, this powerful application that Microsoft offers us within its office-suite, Excel, focuses on working with numerical data. Evidently, the program offers us everything we need to carry out calculations of the most diverse nature thanks to the functions and formulas offered.

At the same time, it offers us a user interface that is somewhat confusing at first, but totally effective for this type of data that we are commenting on. In this way, users can carry out simple calculations through this application, or choose to keep the accounts of an entire company. Making use of one type of use or another will depend on the knowledge we have about the Excel program. What is clear is that here we have the possibility of carrying out a totally domestic or more professional use of the application in general.

In fact, many users use this program to create lists of all kindsdesign calendars, planning and many other contents of these characteristics. This is largely made possible by the functions and Interface that Excel proposes us by default. For example, one of the most common uses and also something that we can do very comfortably, are the aforementioned task lists. These elements in question can be used both personally and for work groups. In this way we will only have to design our personalized spreadsheet by adding the pending tasks for example in the interface queues.

But in addition to the numerical content, text or formulas that we can use here, the program allows the use of other more graphic elements. A clear example of all this can be found when adding checks to the aforementioned task lists.

Add check marks or ticks to Excel

In fact, precisely now we are going to talk about the simplest way you have to add those known as check marks or ticks in the program. We do not need to tell you that these will serve to confirm the tasks that have already been carried out in a graphic and attractive way. It is true that we can make use of these brands in many ways, but if we want to be a little more professional, this trick will help you.

We have multiple icons and emojis that we can use in our spreadsheets of the Microsoft program. This means that, if we are looking for a check mark o Tick to use in the program, the first thing we will do is place ourselves in the cell that we want to point to. Then the simplest thing is to make use of the key combination Win +. to bring up the window we are looking for.

At that moment we will see that a series of icons or emojis appears on the screen that we can use in as many cells as we wish. In addition, among these we find the verification mark that we are interested in adding at this time. This means that we will only have to click on that element so that it is reflected in the current cell. In turn, we will have the possibility to copy the object with the Ctrl + C combination and paste it in the rest of the cells where necessary with Ctrl + V.

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