Use the taskbar vertically instead of horizontally, why?

With the advent of Windows 1.0, Microsoft’s first operating system, the taskbar appeared horizontally. The reason goes beyond mere whim or aesthetics. Since his main objective was show minimized programs you could only have the bar horizontally. It wasn’t until the release of Windows 95 that Microsoft introduced the ability to change the position of the taskbar. However, this change did not seem very useful because since most monitors at the time had a 4: 3 ratio, so the horizontal screen was almost the same length as vertical, so the change didn’t seem necessary.

At present, the market trend is to make monitors with an ultra-wide aspect ratio. This means that placing the tare bar horizontally can become less convenient than if we place it vertically on the left or right.

Benefits of a vertical taskbar

As we have commented, it is most likely that we have a panoramic monitor, so we have more horizontal space than vertical. For this reason, the possibility of taking advantage of the horizontal space for other purposes may be interesting depending on the number of icons that we have in the bar. Keep in mind that we can resize the bar by its width so that if it is placed vertically we can see the date and time or a greater number of icons.

Also keep in mind that most applications they do not occupy all the horizontal space. The clearest example is in Word, which always leaves considerable margins on both sides of the workspace. Similarly, web designs tend to include lower resolutions so that smaller screens can see the entire page without scrolling. However, the resolution of our desktop is larger, to which is added the additional space to the left or right of the bar.

In addition, having the taskbar vertically allows us to see everything more quickly with a single glance at the screen. Each tab is a row in the bar, so we can see the list and find the icon with its name more efficiently. It may be hard for us to get used to it at first or we just like it as it is, but it never hurts to try the change, as it can surprise us.

How to place the bar vertically

If you have convinced yourself and want to try to place the taskbar in a vertical position, you can do it very easily. The first thing to do is right-click on an empty space on the taskbar and check that the option “Lock the taskbar is checked.” If it is, click on it to uncheck this option.

Taskbar location

Later we click on “Windows + I” and access the “Configuration” section. Click on “Personalization”, and in the left column we select “Taskbar”. We move to the bottom and in the section of On-screen taskbar location, we select left or right.

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