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In addition, we must take into account that we create most email accounts for free, regardless of the provider that provides them to us. The truth is that over the last few years this proposal that we mentioned from the search giant has not stopped growing in users and functions. Actually, it is a webmail service that we can access from any device and place in a matter of seconds. For this we only need one free google account in order to have our own Gmail mail.

Perhaps another of the providers that may be very familiar to many of you is Hotmail, although right now it is a little more in disuse. Of course, we must bear in mind that, as is the case with many other services and platforms Google, Gmail is not the most private or secure email there is. As many of you may already know, the search giant collects a fair amount of data from its users and tracks their every move on the internet.

Obviously this is something that is extended to your mail service and that many do not like at all, that’s for sure.

Try ProtonMail and take care of your security

Therefore, if you want to exchange emails with your contacts in a more private and secure way, we are going to talk about a very interesting proposal. Specifically, we are referring to an email service that is characterized by the privacy and security it provides to its customers. Is about ProtonMaila platform where we can exchange all kinds of messages without leaks or tracking.

In principle, for all this we only have to create a personal account for free, something that we achieve from its official website. From that moment we will be able to start benefiting from all the benefits related to privacy and security that this mail offers us. Here we can highlight that ProtonMail allows us to remain anonymous by not asking for personal information at registration. The online service also does not track the IP addresses of its users or check emails.

Obviously this allows us maintain an anonymous correspondence with our contacts. To all this, we can add that, to safeguard our privacy, ProtonMail encrypts each email. To do this, it makes use of PGP encryption, something that it uses both for incoming and outgoing emails. It is true that the free version of this email service has some limitations, such as only 500 megabytes of storage. In addition, we can only send 150 emails per day.

However, for many users, these limitations are more than enough to be able to use this private email for free without any problem. Moreover, it is worth knowing at this point that we have applications to use ProtonMail on mobile devices.

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