Use this trick to delete private messages on WhatsApp without deleting the chat

It is important to know that we have several options in this regard, some better known than others. Undoubtedly one of the most popular and used is found with WhatsApp, something that surely sounds familiar to most of you. Initially, a good part of these messaging platforms were developed for use on mobile devices. But thanks to its enormous acceptance and market penetrationlittle by little they have been reaching desktop computers.

In addition, to all this we must add that the synchronization between PCs and mobiles is increasing. Hence, for example, right now we have a very functional and useful official WhatsApp application. It allows us to forget about the mobile when we are working with our computer based on Windows. Obviously, all the conversations that we have on one of the devices are automatically synchronized on the other.


Once we are clear about the enormous utility that these instant messaging applications and platforms, we can also find ourselves with some uncomfortable situations. For example, it may be the case that we have some conversations or chats that we do not want to appear in the application interface. In fact, it may happen that, more than the chat as such, what we have left over are the internal private messages that it stores.

Clean WhatsApp chats instead of deleting them

There are multiple situations that can occur and in which we do not want certain conversations held in WhatsApp stay on the platform. Obviously we mean that they are available in our account if other people have access to it. Perhaps at first the first decision that comes to mind to get rid of all this is to completely eliminate the chat with that contact.

But if we wish, for whatever reason, not to arouse suspicion, the delete chat in its entirety will not be the best idea. Therefore, to solve this problem that we are facing, the WhatsApp app for Windows offers us an excellent intermediate solution. Specifically, we refer to making a cleaning of stored texts in that specific chat, but without having to delete it entirely and keeping it the same.

In this way we can continue talking with that contact through the chat created at the time, but without the conversations that we wanted to get rid of. To achieve what we are telling you, we only have to open the aforementioned messaging application and locate the chat that we want to clean. Once we have it on the screen, click with the right button of the mouse about himself.

whatsapp chat

At first we may be tempted to click on the option called Delete, but as we mentioned before, completely deleting that chat may not be the most recommended. However, we can always make use of the option Delete messages in order to delete the conversations that we want to get rid of, but keep the chat as such.

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