Use twice the space in Dropbox with this trick

Surely many of you already know first-hand that the space available on our local PC drives is becoming more and more valuable. Hence precisely the success of cloud storage platforms that offer us alternatives such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDriveamong other.

Thanks to these proposals we have the opportunity to make use of the remote servers that these companies offer us and the reserved personal space. In most cases they offer a free space that we can expand later by means of a paid subscription. This offers us a certain freedom when it comes to storing our own content, since we can save space on local drives by using these remote servers.

What we should know is that there are many proposals of this type, each with its pros and cons, and a certain free space. Therefore, when choosing one proposal or another, we must take a good look at what each one offers us. In these same lines we want to focus on one of the most popular services of this type, drop box. But of course, on many occasions we are going to find that the space offered by these remote storage services is not enough. This is something that becomes especially evident if we have a Huge amount of photos and videos to store.

Therefore, as we told you before, the solution for all this is to hire or subscribe to the paid service to increase our personal space on the servers. This is very effective for companies, but end users are generally not very willing to make this payment.

Double your space in Dropbox without paying a euro

Actually, what we are going to do to double the storage space without paying, is to use two Dropbox accounts simultaneously. At first this task may seem somewhat complicated, but we can use some tricks to achieve it quite effectively. The first thing we should know is that generally if we open a Dropbox account with an email, to change to another we must close the first one.

This does not allow us to use both simultaneously to take advantage of the free space available. But as we tell you, we can use some interesting tricks that will allow us to achieve it. One of the most effective measures we can take in this regard is to use on the one hand the web version of Dropbox with an account. At the same time we must install the application as a client of the platform where we opened the second account. In this way we enjoy twice the space without any complication or expense.

Another method that allows us to do this is use two different internet browsers. Thus, after the creation of the two corresponding Dropbox accounts, we open each of them in a program. As you can imagine, this will allow us to have twice as much as usual to store our personal files. But if we don’t want to install both programs, we can also open the first account in a conventional window.

Next, we open a window, but in private mode in the same browser where in turn we access the secondary account of the cloud storage service.

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