Use Windows or Linux in VirtualBox in full screen with this trick

It goes without saying the wide range of possibilities that these virtual machines can present to us. For example, quickly and easily, we can test Linux distributions on our PC with Windows 10 in a few minutes. In this way, among many other things, we save ourselves having to go about installing and uninstalling systems on the PC to test them.

Common uses of a virtual machine

In this way, lovers of technology in general and software in particular, will have the possibility of experimenting with several systems at the same time. And it is that a virtualization program of this type like VirtualBox, we can install multiple virtual machines. In this way we only have to choose the one we want to start in each case based on what we need. In addition, a section that we must bear in mind in this regard is that everything that we carry out in the virtual machine does not affect the original system at all.

In other words, if for whatever reason the virtualized system is damaged or infected with a virus, that does not affect the operating system that we originally have on the PC. All this also allows us to use these applications to carry out all kinds of tests without fear that this will negatively affect our team. For the rest, virtualized systems work the same as if we installed it in a conventional way on the computer. In fact we can even enjoy them full screen, although this is not the case by default.

Use a full screen virtual machine in VirtualBox

We already mentioned before that one of the most common applications for all this that we tell you, is VirtualBox. Although there are solutions more complex, it suits most users, even those starting from scratch. Hence, among other things, where much of its success comes from. Well, along these lines we are going to focus on how to use virtual machines here, but in full screen.

virtualbox interface

Therefore, the first thing will be to select the virtual machine that we need to use at that moment, and put it into operation as usual. We will see that by default it starts in a small window, but we can change that state in a few steps, as we will see. Here, the first thing we do is access the menu View / Full screen mode or press Ctrl + F if Windows is the base system.

full screen mode

At that time we will see that the appearance on the screen changes, VirtualBox occupying its entire extension. But it may be the case that this does not happen with the desktop as such of the virtual machine. However, for this to occupy the entire screen, it is enough that we adjust the resolution of the virtualized system to that of our monitor so that we can use it occupying the entire image we see.

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