Users report that the Diablo IV beta is “bricking” units of the NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti

Various users are reporting that the beta of Diablo IV is provoking failures in units of the RTX 3080 Ti graphics from NVIDIA, with some cases where the GPU ends up completely broken and unusable. The fact that software causes glitches in the graphics displayed on a certain GPU model is not something new or serious, since these problems are usually solved with a software update. However, when the damage caused is the breakage of the graphics card, the solution is to purchase a new GPU if no solutions are offered through the warranty.

The issue of the RTX 3080 Ti breaking units by running the Diablo IV beta began to surface on the and Reddit forums, where various users reported what had happened to them. Due to the seriousness of the incidents, Blizzard has had to come forward to say that it is “working closely with NVIDIA to identify affected hardware configurations and collect as many data points as possible to aid in the investigation”.

Although it is logical to think that Diablo IV is to blame for breaking units of a graphics card that has been on the market for some time, the matter could be more complex than it appears if we see what happened two years ago with Amazon New World, an MMO from the e-commerce and cloud computing giant. On that occasion Users of the RTX 3090, mainly those assembled by EVGA, reported bugs that could lead to the bricking of the graph. Upon further investigation, it was concluded that the game’s uncapped frame rate exacerbated the power delivery design flaws in these graphics cards (ie, there was a graphics design flaw), and everything seems to indicate that the situation is similar with Diablo IV, although here it seems that GIGABYTE is the assembler most affected.

As a mitigation measure for Diablo IV users who own an NVIDIA graphics card, recommends limiting the frame rate per second through the official control panel of the green giant. In the event that the graphics card has stopped working, it is recommended to completely disconnect the computer from the power supply and, if it starts working again and is detected by Windows, proceed with a clean installation of the drivers.

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