Users report that the screen of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is breaking without misusing it

Various Samsung users Galaxy Z Fold 3 are reporting through networks like Twitter and Reddit that the screens of the units of the smartphones they own are breaking without allegedly having been misused or having suffered mishaps. The incidents that users are reporting range from cracks for no apparent reason (depending on their versions) to thick black lines that become increasingly prominent as time goes by.

We remember that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 saw the light of day in August 2021, so depending on the geographical area in which one is located, the warranty may have expired or is close to expiring. This detail will surely ignite the suspicions of more than one about whether this is a planned obsolescence maneuver or not.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 with broken screen

As we have already said, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 was presented in August 2021. Samsung said at the time that the smartphone screen could be folded about 200,000 times without causing damage. Among the affected users, a Reddit user named Snoo says he has been broken screen fifteen months after buying the device and after folding it two to three times a weekTherefore, according to his version, it has been far from the 200,000 folds announced by the South Korean giant.

Another Reddit user named Mizderrung has explained that the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s screen broke three months after he purchased his unit of the smartphone. According to his account, he took the device to Samsung to have it repaired under warranty, but then a technician told him that he had found hit points and dead pixels, so the breakage could not be fixed under warranty and told him He asked for $700 to proceed with the repair.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 with broken screen

At this point, more than one of you may have remembered the $599 it cost to change the screen of the first Galaxy Fold, a device that was interesting as a technological proposal, but was quite flimsy and extremely expensive for an average pocket. That had a little more of a pass at the time because it was the starting signal for a new technology in the consumer sector, but with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and certain Samsung announcements, the screen was expected to be more resistant, although It will be necessary to see if these stories really correspond to a defect or misuse by various users who have decided to report in a coordinated manner.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 with broken screen

We will see how events unfold, but if more evidence remains for the public that these are defects, it is likely that Samsung will have to propose a solution if it does not want to end up in court for a class action.

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