Users report that they are receiving images of people they do not know through iCloud

The iCloud app for Windows It is upsetting more than one due to some incidents that who knows if they end up having legal consequences for Apple, since users are reporting that random photographs of unknown families are appearing and that at least some of their images have been involuntarily exchanged , automatic and unwanted with those of other users. In other words, it seems that an iCloud bug is mixing and swapping the photos of different users through the Windows application.

The issue could have its origin in Thursday of last week, the day in which a user reported through the MacRumors forums that his videos had been corrupted and that they showed black screens and scan lines. But the worst part is that sometimes the videos were allegedly exchanged for still images not previously stored in the user’s account, which show or allegedly showed photographs of unknown families, football matches and other situations and contexts. Obviously, the user did not hesitate to publicly expose his mistrust of iCloud.

Said user has exposed that he has been able to replicate the bug on three other PCs, two of which work with Windows 11 Pro and another with Windows 10 Pro. A few days later other users began to report similar problems, but here is the fact that the legitimate photos, which were taken with iPhone models like the 13 Pro and 14 Pro and then transferred to Windows, were no longer on the smartphones and had been replaced by others.

If what is supposed to be happening with the iCloud application for Windows is confirmed, we would be facing a major problem. First, because if the origin is confirmed, Apple will have to answer before the courts and the authorities in charge of enforcing the legislation around privacy, but The worst thing is not a fine and/or compensation that the corporation will surely be able to face, but the damage that can cause users with compromising images that end up in the wrong hands or exposed in a public environment as a joke.. The damage that this does to some people can be very great, so it is likely that we are only at the tip of the iceberg.

Microsoft recently announced that Windows 11 was capable of integrating with iCloud, although said integration required installing the Apple service application, so the Redmond giant’s operating system is limited to acting as an interface. Apparently this feature has nothing to do with the involuntary and unwanted filtering and sharing of images between users, but we emphasize that there are still details to be clarified.

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