using Chrome by default in Windows 11 will be easier

The truth is that Windows 11 is a good operating system that Microsoft made available to us just a few months ago, but it has also generated some controversy. Among the criticisms related to this software, we find those that refer to the use of certain programs by default, as is the case with the edge browserwhich affects Chrome or Firefox.

How could it be otherwise, the company tries that the hundreds of millions of users of its operating system also opt for other own products. This is something that can be extended, for example, to its cloud storage platform, its office automation proposals, or the Internet navigator that he proposes to us. In fact, we could say that the second revision of Edge that we can enjoy at the moment is one of its most important projects.

So much so that this is the default web browser that we find set by default in Windows 11. The problem comes from the effort that the company itself puts into making us use this program, yes or yes, when it comes to moving around the internet. One of the strategies that have been detected since the launch of the new operating system is the complexity of changing this default program for any other. But largely due to the complaints and reports offered by users, little by little the software giant has been changing this strategy.

With this, what we want to tell you is that the firm has decided to relax in this sense and facilitate the change of default internet browser on Windows 11.

In addition, the company behind the most used browser, Chrome, has also taken action on the matter. We tell you this because now it is known that Google is working on an easier way to set chrome as default browser.

Google will make it easier to use Chrome on Windows 11

This is something that will become effective and useful in modern versions of the operating system, including the criticized Windows 11. There is talk of a new button that will allow Chrome users to set the browser as the default with a single click. It is worth mentioning that at this time we have the possibility to change the current version of Chrome by default within its configuration.

But at the same time this requires modifying Windows Settings. At the same time firefox has a much more interesting and effective solution to make the change with one click. This is something that Mozilla introduced in the past year 2021.

Therefore, this is the objective that Google is currently working on to implement Chrome software in its proposal. With all this, what the search giant intends is for users to be able to do this modification in the browser almost immediately. The new function that we are talking about to speed up the change will be carried out through the URL protocols. File associations will also be used. Here we talk about elements such as HTTP, HTTPS, HTMLetc.

Thus, the pertinent registry entries for each of these will be established directly and thus speed up the modification of the default browser. What we do not know at the moment is when this will be available. new functionality in chrome. Everything indicates that before its final release it will go through the preview channels so that we can test it.

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