Using Firefox’s password manager, is it really safe?

As the use of Internet browsers spreads, these programs collect and save more and more user data. A priori all this is carried out to improve the user experience, however, sometimes it can also become a considerable risk. That is why users of solutions such as Firefox, Chrome or Edge, among others, want to control this collection of information.

We tell you all this because current browsers store a good amount of data related to our way of browsing and sites visited. Here we refer to foods such as history, cookies, used email addresses, passwords, bank card numbers, or personal bookmarks, etc. To all this, we must add the many functions that this type of specific programs offer us. One of the main reasons for this is the widespread use we make of these browsers today, both on the PC and on the mobile.

We talk about all these issues because software solutions like the one mentioned Mozilla FirefoxIt has its own password manager so that we can use it if necessary. As you can imagine, it allows us to save these access codes in the program itself and thus use them in a much more fluid way while browsing. When we are on a website that request the corresponding credentials, the password field is filled in automatically, saving time.

But equally many wonder about the need to safely use this element in Mozilla’s browser. Keep in mind that we keep extremely sensitive and private information here.

Should I use the Firefox password manager or not?

Taking into account the enormous number of platforms, services and applications that we use on the internet today, this password manager saves us a lot of time. In this way we save ourselves from having to remember or write down these access codes every time we connect to one of these websites. However, we must also bear in mind that we are taking some risks that many want to avoid. And it is that by default anyone who accesses our browser can see those password.

firefox passwords

All you have to do is go to the Firefox configuration window and go to the Privacy & Security section. By clicking on Saved accounts All the web pages that need registration will appear with their corresponding access codes. Therefore, in the case that we work with a computer that several people use, this way of using the password manager is not recommended at all. It would be much safer to use a third party proposal that only we have access to.

However, in the event that we decide to continue using the password manager integrated into the browser, we can improve your security. To do this, it is enough that we activate the option Use a master password proposed by the program. As is the case with most managers of this type, this will allow us to use a single password to access the rest of the ones we have saved. In this way we protect both the use and the display of our passwords saved in the Mozilla browser.

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