uTorrent vs Transmission, who has the easier interface?

Since the Internet has become a regular and almost indispensable part of our daily lives, one of the actions that we most often perform is downloading files. To do this, one of the most popular options has always been through torrent downloads. For this we have a wide variety of programs to choose from, but there are undoubtedly two that are especially popular, such as uTorrent and Transmission. If we want to handle ourselves perfectly with these programs, the interface section is essential.

In general, it is common for us to take advantage of the benefits that the high speeds of our Internet connection present us to download all kinds of files from the network, especially from Torrent. When using an application such as uTorrent or Transmission, one of the sections that interests us the most is its interface, especially if we are users with little experience, since its ease of use may make us choose one or the other option.

uTorrent and its insufferable publicity

One of the oldest torrent download managers that we know today and also one of the most used. It installs quickly, although you have to be careful because trying to sneak in unwanted software. It includes additional features such as the ability to download videos in seconds, remote access to be able to use it from any browser, among others.

Regarding its appearance, it is a program that has quite a few options in sight, preferably organized on its left side panel. In it we can see all the statuses of a Torrent, the labels and the trackers. On the right side we have the list with all the files that we have been adding and at the bottom another window with information about the download or downloaded files. Another important point of its interface is that it is in Spanish, so it will be easy to use at all times, although given the number of elements it shows us, it is more aimed at advanced users. But without a doubt its most negative point is that it has quite annoying and intrusive advertising.

Transmission, the great and simple alternative

It is a P2P client of open source and very lightweight that uses the BitTorrent network, which makes it one of the great alternatives for downloading large files. In addition, it has the advantage that it does not try to install third-party programs, something to keep in mind. In addition, it consumes little RAM, making it ideal for less powerful computers.


Regarding the design of your interface this is much simpler and free of advertising with respect to the one that we can find in uTorrent, and like this it is also in Spanish so that we can access its functions without problems. Once open we have a blank panel and a top toolbar with File, View, Torrent and Help tabs. Just below are the icons to open a file or URL, start, pause, delete and show the properties of the Torrent. Just below we find its panel where the files that we add will be added.

What is the best interface?

Both uTorrent and Transmission have a nice appearance that, while not a design prodigy, does do the job. When we talk about a better or worse interface, we cannot refer in terms of simplicity and the type of user who uses it. In the case of uTorrent, it shows us everything on the screen more completely and with the important elements in view so that we can work with them more easily and without losing detail. While the advertising presence that just show up and significantly spoil your user experience.

On the other hand, Transmission has a much simpler design, for users who only need to add the links and wait for the download to finish. All this without having to have many elements on the screen that distract your attention and where minimalism and simplicity predominate, above other elements that do not interest us. And all this without advertising. That is why, if we look for which of the two has the most user-friendly interface, we would stick with this one.

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