UWANT B100-E, this ultraportable cleaner is at a great price!

Thanks to its maneuverability and suction power, the UWANT B100-E will be the preferred cleaner for your fabrics (sofa, curtains, etc.). And to accompany your household, you can receive at no additional cost a connected speaker BW-HA1 from BlitzWolf (very limited time offer).

Are you looking for the miracle device to clean your fabric sofa, your curtains and your bed mattress? We found it for you! Indeed, the UWANT B100-E could well become one of your best allies for intensive cleaning of your fabrics. In addition to that, this fabric cleaner is on sale at Banggood at the price of € 178.21 instead of € 267.32, i.e. a nice immediate reduction of € 89.11. And if you are quick enough, the first thirty orders will also benefit from a Blueooth BW-HA1 speaker from BlitzWolf. In total, the purchase of the UWANT B100-E, the fabric cleaner and the enclosure will save you € 112.27. In short, a promotion not to be missed because it is very limited!

Take advantage of the offer

Effective for home and car

Have your sofa and curtains smelled musty for a few days? The time has come (for cathedrals …) to take action in the company ofUWANT B100-E. This fabric cleaner is not only able to suck up the dirt present in the fibers, but also to clean them thanks to the high pressure water projected by the nozzle.

The use of such a device has several advantages, so one that is not to be neglected: you will no longer need to use chemicals to clean your fabrics (sofa, mattress, curtains, etc.). This UWANT B100-E is therefore integrated into an ecological movement thanks to a 450 watt motor. Thanks to its suction capacity of 12,000 Pa, no dirt present in the fibers of the fabrics will resist it. The reservoirs present in theUWANT B100-E are well separated: the first 1.8L tank is reserved for clean water while the second 1.6L tank is dedicated for dirty water.

Thanks to UWANT B100-E eliminates the need to scrub, machine wash and dry your fabrics – a time saver that shouldn’t be overlooked. In short, it is the perfect tool for home use, but also to maintain the fabrics of his car. Indeed, thanks to its small size and light weight, the UWANT B100-E will also allow you to wash the seats of your car so that it is as new as the first day.

It is therefore the tool to absolutely have at home! As a reminder, theUWANT B100-E is currently on sale at Banggood for € 178.21 instead of € 267.32. Be quick! The first thirty orders will allow you to have the BlitzWolf BW-HA1 as a gift, a connected speaker that will blend in with the decoration of your home thanks to its sleek and modern design.

Take advantage of the offer

BlitzWolf BW-HA1 Promotion Banggood
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