VA panel, 1500R, up to 240 Hz: this is what NewSkill Icarus 27 monitors look like

These three new monitors are designed to guarantee a fluid and immersive gaming experience thanks to their great features and their curved screen that makes the sides of the monitor the same distance from the user’s eye as the center, providing a greater sense of immersion.

Newskill Icarus 27 ″ FHD 165HZ – R1500 VA – IC27F6-V2P

The Newskill Icarus IC27F6-V2P is specifically designed for those looking for good image quality with a high refresh rate but without spending too much money. Thus, this monitor has a matrix 27-inch LED-VA with 1500R curvature and resolution Full HD which has a refresh rate of 165 Hz, with 1 ms of MPRT response time and compatibility with both the FreeSync from AMD like G-SYNC from NVIDIA for a smoother gaming experience.

This response time of only 1 ms is combined with its Overdrive technology, which according to the manufacturer will significantly influence the precision when playing since it completely eliminates the ghosting effect. Of course, the monitor is designed to play for hours and hours and for this it has technology Flicker Free that prevents image flickering and Low Blue Light which reduces the emission of blue light to preserve visual health.

Newskill Icarus 27 ″ QHD 144HZ – R1500 VA – IC27Q4-V2P

Newskill Icarus 27 QHD 144HZ - R1500 VA - IC27Q4-V2P

The next monitor is the IC27Q4-V2P, which also has a 27-inch curved screen (1500R curvature) and is perfect for enjoying the most immersive gaming experience thanks to its 178-degree viewing angles, even though its matrix is LED-VA same as above. This screen has 1440p resolution to view images in great detail, something that is combined with a refresh rate of 144 Hz compatible with AMD FreeSync Y NVIDIA G-SYNC, with a response time of 1 ms MPRT to ensure a completely smooth viewing of games.

Like the previous one, this monitor also has technologies to preserve visual health including Low Blue Light and Flicker Free, so that you can use it for hours and hours without suffering fatigue or vision problems.

Newskill Icarus 27 ″ FHD 240HZ – R1500 VA – IC27F2-V2P

Newskill Icarus 27 FHD 240HZ - R1500 VA - IC27F2-V2P

The latest model presented that is incorporated into the Newskill catalog is the Icarus IC27F2-V2P, with a LED-VA screen like the previous ones, which in this case repeats the resolution 1920 x 1080 of the first but with 240 Hz refresh rate Compatible with FreeSync and G-SYNC for the best possible fluidity. This high refresh rate is accompanied as in previous models by a response time of only 1 ms MPRT so that our movements and actions are reflected on the screen instantly.

Like the first, this monitor incorporates Overdrive technology to reduce input lag and thus increase precision even in the most demanding titles, and how could it be otherwise, it also incorporates Flicker Free and Low Blue Light technologies to preserve visual health of the user.

Price and availability

The three new models of gaming monitors from Newskill’s Icarus family can now be purchased, for the moment exclusively at PcComponentes:

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