Valencia, Alicante and Madrid, the cheapest for digital nomads

The number of digital nomads has multiplied in these months, thanks to teleworking. A new labor model that before 2020 was residual and that, today, has been consolidated as one of the best alternatives so that companies and workers maintain continuity in their work despite the restrictions derived from the health crisis.

A) Yes, the flexibility of telecommuting has allowed many employees to choose where they want to work from, which has meant a transformation for the labor market and also for the real estate market, Well, this type of tenant seeks accommodation for periods of more than a month, but less than a year, with expenses included.

A type of accommodation that is increasingly in demand in Spain, as our country is one of the favorites for digital nomads thanks to its quality of life, its excellent climateits good connections and the ease of finding accommodation.

In fact, Samuel Toribio, Country Manager of Homelike in Spain, a startup specialized in this type of accommodation, points out that “The demand for housing by remote workers in Spain grew by 291% in August 2021, compared to the same period in 2020, which exemplifies the growing trend in demand for temporary apartments.”

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With this in mind, Homelike has analyzed the average rental prices of the more than 9,000 apartments that the company has in Spain and the cost of living in the cities where it operates, to find out which are the cheapest locations for digital nomads.

An analysis from which it is obtained that the cheapest cities for a digital nomad would be Valencia, Alicante and Madrid, as average rental prices for a temporary apartment with all expenses included plus the cost of living (food and transport) in these cities, it amounts to 1,340 euros per month, 1,625 euros and 1,883 euros, respectively.

Below is Barcelona, ​​where the average rental price of an apartment with bills included plus the cost of living would mean an average monthly expense of 1,900 euros per month for a digital nomad. Y, Sevillewhich would be the most expensive city to reside in, since a remote worker who decided to reside in the Andalusian capital would spend an average of 2,979 euros per month, including accommodation and cost of living.

Regarding the demand for accommodation, from the company they collect that, according to their data, last year Valencia was the Spanish city that experienced a greater demand for accommodation for digital nomads, with an increase of 545%; followed by Barcelona, ​​where demand grew by 450%; Alicante, where it increased by 300%, Seville, which increased demand by 240% and Madrid, which grew by 231%.

Finally, according to the company, the average stay of digital nomads in our country it was 92 days in 2021. While, by nationality, the digital nomads who prefer to settle in our country come mainly from France, the United States and Germany.

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