VALK GAIA, analysis: a comfortable and resistant gaming chair

The VALK GAIA It is one of the most emblematic gaming chairs of the VALK brand, a project promoted by three Spanish entrepreneurs who are experts in product design and passionate about video games.

With the VALK GAIA we are faced with the gaming chair that probably has the best price-quality ratio of the models in the VALK catalog, surpassing even the VALK NYX that we analyzed a few weeks ago.


But it is that the VALK GAIA chair not only has a successful design that can be purchased at Two colors (the red of the images that accompany the article and a green called aqua menthe), above all it is comfortable, and comfort is just what we should look for above almost any other detail when we are going to buy a chair where we will spend many hours sitting.

Specifications of the VALK GAIA gaming chair

Base Nylon, star type. Diameter: 700mm
Structure Steel
Recommended maximum weight
130 kg
Recommended maximum height
190 cm
Cover material Micro-perforated PU synthetic leather – breathable
Filling Cold molded foam – 70 kg / m3
Armrests 4D adjustable
Wheels Five 60mm nylon wheels
Height adjustment Gas lift Class 4
Total recline 160 degree
Cushions Cervical: Soft cotton padding
Lumbar: Foam filled
Micro-perforated PU synthetic leather – breathable
Warranty 2 years. Spare parts in stock
Price 259.99 euros (current offer)

VALK GAIA gaming chair

Design, materials and assembly

In the image above you can see all the components that are in the box that VALK sent us. In addition to the backrest and the seat, we have the armrests, the base and the hardware, as well as a gift that we did not expect, a huge mouse pad (size XXL) and a steam card which offers 5 euros as long as we take a picture of the chair and upload it to social networks with its hashtag.

The entire assembly process is very well explained in the brochure that accompanies the VALK GAIA, and although it is recommended that two people do it because it is always faster and more comfortable, I did it alone and it took approximately 25 minutes to have it fully assembled and ready to use.

The best of all when you are assembling the chair is that you feel from the first moment that you are in front of a product of great quality in its materials, but that also offers an excellent finish; It is clear that VALK pay attention to the smallest details.

VALK GAIA gaming chair

To start at the base, say that it is from star type with a diameter of 700 mm and it is made of nylon. The wheels, five in total, are also made of nylon and have a diameter of 60 mm, which makes them suitable for all types of floors and above all makes them very silent.

At the base we must place the gas piston, which is Class 4, so it supports up to 150 kg, but VALK’s recommendation is not to exceed 130 kg. The mechanism that supports the base is made of metal and in addition to allowing height adjustment, it lets us tilt up to 15º. Say that the height adjustment, counting the distance from the seat to the ground, moves between 45 and 55 cm, approximately.

VALK GAIA gaming chair

Armrests or armrests, whatever you want to call them, are 4D. What this denomination tells us is that they can be adjusted in height, placed forwards or backwards, bring them closer to separate them from our body and, finally, rotate them if we want.

As for the seats, they are micro-perforated synthetic leather, an excellent idea to avoid being too hot when summer arrives. Faux fur tends to stick to the body and in summer, when we wear shorts and T-shirts, it can become a nuisance. Although I have not been able to verify it due to the dates in which we are, from VALK they affirm that these perforations are the solution to this problem.

VALK GAIA chair VALK GAIA, analysis: a comfortable and resistant gaming chair 36

The seat is filled with cold molded foam With a density of 70 kg per cubic meter, which ensures that it is not easily deformed. It is a very comfortable and soft seat, but you never sink. And as for the backrest, the materials are the same and allows recline up to 160º, so that we can almost lie down horizontally, and all this without fear of the chair tipping over thanks to its 70 cm diameter base.

On the back we can put both a lumbar cushion like other cervical. Personally, I always use the lumbar, but I removed the cervical from the first moment because it is not comfortable for me. The good thing is that they can be put on and taken off easily, so they are to suit everyone.

VALK GAIA gaming chair

VALK GAIA gaming chair

VALK GAIA, analysis: a comfortable and resistant gaming chair 40


The VALK GAIA chair has been created by passionate videogames and it shows in all its details, but above all in the comfort. All gamers know that in order to spend many hours enjoying their favorite game they must be in an appropriate environment and the fundamental thing is that they feel comfortable and safe, that is, without the chair being able to tip over easily.

The VALK GAIA chair adapts perfectly to the shape of the back and the movements that we can make while we are playing or, why not say it, also when we telework, since these types of chairs are also the solution for those of us who spend many hours in front of a keyboard even if it is not playing.

Final assessment


The VALK GAIA is a very comfortable gaming chair that is made with high quality and resistant materials, together with very careful finishes.

Build quality8.5

Use experience and robustness9

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