Valve expels games with NFT or cryptocurrencies from Steam

Or what is the same, Valve has expelled from Steam any game that contains traces of blockchain technology, which in English is called as blockchain. In the gaming industry, however, this means cryptocurrencies or NTF, two very fashionable elements, each with its own considerations.

We are not going to explain now what the blockchain, cryptocurrencies or NFTs because they are common elements in the Internet world, but it is worth mentioning that as a whole everything is related to encryption and data validation to ensure its authenticity … with many nuances everything, because While cryptocurrencies have a specific purpose and blockchain technology is applied to credit transactions, the NTF (for Non Fungible Token) is a world apart.

They have in common that their value is what the interested parties perceive. As with currencies in progress, but without regulatory bodies. Thus, an NFT like Charlie Bit My Finger may indeed be worth absolutely nothing, but if anyone is willing to pay for it an outrage and many others support it, that is, they are for the task of joining a bid or similar … Well, it turns out that Charlie Bit My Finger is worth a pasture.

And that’s what Valve wants to prevent from happening on Steam: creating a black market related to NFT or cryptocurrencies that may have a value in the real world. Which is already happening with Steam elements, such as users’ own game collections and other content, but in the present case it could skyrocket to madness, as has already happened in other areas.

But How exactly do you eat that of NFTs or cryptocurrencies in Steam games? In different ways: from games that can generate NFT as a reward for the players who complete them first or achieve the highest scores, to cryptocurrency transactions that can be extended to the real world through virtual wallets. All that already exists and will continue to do so, but no game that includes this type of thing will be able to be part of the Steam catalog, the most popular PC game store on the Internet.

And in other stores, how will this matter work? It is known that in Epic Games Store are not about to intervene, at least for the moment, which is not a surprise either, since as a rule they move in constant opposition to what is their great competition.

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