Valve has published a Steam Deck design scheme to allow users to make custom cases

Literally two weeks before the previously announced release date for the portable console represented by Steam Deck, on February 25, Valve published the CAD files for the device’s outer shell on GitHub. While making them available under a Creative Commons license, the company decided along the way that the release of such data into the public domain is “good news” for DIY enthusiasts, customization creators, modders, and, above all, accessory manufacturers.

All data and not only groups can use the provided technical drawings and diagrams provided by the company in order to make their own covers, bumpers and other accessories for the Steam Deck. And it is noteworthy that thanks to this information, the work will be simplified not only for companies that are engaged in the mass production of various covers and bumpers for such devices, but also for people who own 3D printers.

Thanks to this, they will be able to design and create their own console case at home. And as noted by the authoritative profile publication represented by Eurogamer, Valve’s decision in this regard is at least interesting and not typical. It is assumed that in this way the company will allow case manufacturers to freely make secondary “shells” for the Steam Deck in such a way that they fit perfectly with the device. In fact, Valve has stated that it is “looking forward to seeing what the community will create!” And in general, this action of the company is already actively compared with the approach of Sony in a similar matter with the PlayStation 5.

When the above console first went on sale and was only available in one color, a huge “handicraft industry” of third-party companies, as well as simple enthusiasts, producing colored side plates for the console immediately arose. However, Sony pretty quickly shut down many of these projects before announcing its own set of branded replacement panels for people to purchase. That is, in this way, Valve is not going to cash in on third-party accessories, interchangeable body parts, and so on, giving absolutely anyone who wants to do whatever they want.

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