Valve mistakenly shows a Nintendo Switch emulator for its Steam Deck

Today, the portable console sector has two clear representatives, to which in just a few days a third will try to join. Due to experience and market share, in the first place we find Nintendo Switch, followed by the increasingly thriving Steam Deck, and with everyone waiting to see the result of Logitech G after its debut, which will take place (only in the US and Canadian markets, at least for now) on October 17.

The future of the Logitech laptop is, today, a great unknown. Mainly designed to play in the cloud, its price may be the main barrier, since with its $349.99 it will sit between the Nintendo Switch ($299.99) and the Steam Deck ($399). In other words, $50 more than the most established offering in that market, and only $50 less for a device that, in addition to perfectly supporting cloud gaming, also has the muscle to run many titles locally. .

And yes, I know that the proposals of Nintendo on the one hand, and Valve and Logitech on the other, have a factor that clearly differentiates them: the game catalog. And that is, for many, the great value of Nintendo Switch, since it is the only console that allows access to Nintendo games. And it is that Nintendo’s hardware has sometimes been revolutionary and on other occasions it is disappointing, but its greatest guarantee of success, generation after generation, is that it is the only gateway to the worlds of Pokémon, Zelda, Mario, et cetera… or at least, that’s how Nintendo wants it to be.

Nevertheless, Emulators have been around for quite a few years now. (unofficial of course) of the various Nintendo consoles. The technology pursues them as far as it can, but in the end it is like trying to put doors on the field. What was not expected is that one of these developments would get additional visibility thanks to Valve. And it is that the popular tweeter Nibel Has published a screenshot of a video, now removed, in which Valve showed a Steam Deck in which Yuzu, a Nintendo Switch emulator, has been installed open source.

After detecting the error, which surely will not have been funny at Nintendo, Valve has rushed to remove the video and edit it, to later upload a new version of it in which, of course, Yuzu has completely disappeared. Now Portal 2 occupies the position that the emulator previously had. An important change because, of course, as you can see in the initial image, it was shown in the list of recently played titles:

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