Valve optimizes its legendary games for the device

As the official release of the Steam Deck approaches, its builder, Valve, is optimizing several of its games for the machine, including some iconic franchises.

In an interview with the magazine PC Gamer, the developers at Valve gave some details on the progress of optimizing PC games for the Steam Deck. Indeed, the release date is approaching for the hybrid PC from Valve, and the noose is tightening for the studio / manufacturer who must make sure that everything works well, or at least the vast majority of its catalog.

That’s why the developers are now focusing on optimizing Valve’s own games. So this includes deductibles Half-Life, Dota, Portal or Counter Strike: Global Offensive. For a device as small and original as the Steam Deck, optimization involves the addition of certain controls, such as touch controls or button controls (joystick), or even a redesign of the user interface.

Steam Deck Verified

The goal for Valve is to be able to affix the stamp “Steam Deck Verified” next to the name of its licenses. As a reminder, this stamp and its variants are attributed to games whose optimization for the small machine has been verified by Valve before their commissioning on the device. The name has certain degrees, depending on what has been optimized in the game. Dota 2, for example, the developers said they added button controls for better handling.

“I think we want to go through the entire valve catalog to make sure things are good on Deck. “- Lawrence Yang, designer at Valve

Another big license of the studio, Half-life is also making its way to the Steam Deck with a few welcome changes. The famous FPS will be entitled to greater optimization of button controls in particular, although the developers are rather optimistic about this aspect:

While the base experience in Half-Life games is pretty good with a controller, a lot of the stuff around the experience tends to get left out or not reach the same level of perfection over time. time.

First deliveries in a few months

The first players to pre-order the machine were to initially receive their due in December. However, the shortage of components, and therefore of chips, forced Valve to postpone its first deliveries to February, a period which is fast approaching. In just a few short months, gamers will be able to experience a PC in Nintendo Switch format.

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