Vans heads to Halloween with these ultra-terrifying sneakers

Vans Horror: scary sneakers for Halloween

Who said you couldn’t be a stylish dead man? Perhaps this is a somewhat creepy question for what you usually read on our website but, taking into account the topic we are talking about today, it is more than justified.

As we said, in this new collection that comes from Vans in collaboration with Warner Bros, we are presented (among other things) commemorative slippers of scary movie hits. Vans has been able to give where it hurts, never better said, recalling in these new garments some details of horror movies with which many of us have grown up.

Taking advantage of the fact that there is little left for next Halloween, a celebration that we have ended up coining on the other side of the world, this new range of products will become the perfect accessory that the most geeks will want to wear. Among these creepy sneakers we find movie details such as: Friday the 13th, The Shining, IT, A Nightmare on Elm Street or the most mythical The Exorcist.

Creepy icons that range from Jason’s bloody mask next to the Friday the 13th title or the girls of the Shining stamped on the classic Slip-Ons of vans, the mythical scene of the priest entering the house of The Exorcist in an Old Skool or IT balloons floating over Vans Era.

So, if you really want to be scary this Halloween, without a doubt these shoes should be part of your outfit. Although they are not the only garment, as we told you, that this manufacturer puts at our disposal.

More terrifying clothes in the Vans catalog

It is normal that the shoes in this new Vans Horror collection are the ones that have had the most success since, for example, there is a great trend about this garment in the networks. Many are the users with Instagram accounts about sneakers who make a living sharing the news of brands like Vans.

But, in this collaboration with Warner Bros they have bet much higher with other elements such as sweatshirts, t-shirts, socks, caps, suitcases or even shoulder bags.

Imagine the situation, entering the party you have next Halloween with this outfit:

  • Sweatshirt with the popular phrase “You’ll float too” by IT
  • Accompanied by the Cap and the shoes with balloons of this evil clown.
  • And, furthermore, the bag and socks to set, revealing the face of this diabolical being through your ankles.

Of course, if you want to make a bigger impact, you will have to incorporate a good makeup with fake blood and, for example, a ripped T-shirt. But at least, with these pieces from the new Vans collection, you’ve got a lot of work up front.

If you want to buy, or just take a look, something from Vans Horror you can do it through the clothing website for skaters in the section that has been dedicated to it.

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