Various users claim that movies played through the Apple TV application have no sound

Years ago, when streaming video platforms were not available in our country and downloading was one of the only methods to consume any type of content, it was frustrating to see how after downloading a movie, this It was not the right one, they were in another language, the quality was terrible …

In recent days, more and more users are expressing their discomfort at having problems when enjoying content via streaming through the Apple TV application, specifically with the sound of the movies that they buy and play via streaming.

According to different users, some of these contents never reach arproduce the sound And no one knows why, not even the Cupertino-based company. Many are the users who are expressing their discomfort through social networks and Reddit. The problem is that it does not affect everyone equally, so this It is one of the worst problems to diagnose to find a solution.

Some users have been lucky and Apple has reimbursed them the money of the purchase of the content they wanted to see, but it is happening with everyone affected. It appears that Apple support personnel are either not aware of this issue or are acting on the low likelihood of such an issue occurring.

This problem affects all platforms where the Apple TV application is available, so it is even more difficult to find the problem that more and more users are presenting. Presumably, Apple is working on finding out what the problem is to offer a solution, although at the moment it has not officially recognized this incident beyond Apple’s support. Valium Online

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