Veeam Data Platform, security and data recovery platform to combat ransomware

The data protection company Veeam Software has announced the release of Veeamn Data Platforma platform that offers security and data recovery capabilitiesas well as hybrid cloud. Includes Veeam Backup & Replication (VBR) v12and offers secure backup and fast, reliable recovery to keep your business running.

This platform brings together the features that Veeam offers in a single solution, offered in three editions, and with which you can protect virtual, cloud, SaaS, physical and Kubernetes applications. Including those in sprawling and complex IT environments. In addition, it allows you to be prepared for problems of all kinds, from service interruptions to ransomware.

Veeam Data Platform, therefore, offers everything necessary to maintain business continuity: data security, information recovery and data freedom. The latter allows data to be backed up and used from anywhere without platform or cloud lock-in.

It is available in three editions: Foundation, Advanced, and Premium. All incorporate VBR and Veeam Instant Recovery. In addition, the two most advanced versions include advanced resiliency features, offering monitoring, analysis, and recovery. The edition Foundationthanks to VBR v12, offers data protection with more than 500 new features and improvements.

The version Advanced Edition combines VBR with Veeam ONE to deliver deep, intelligent monitoring and observability. Thanks to this, companies can identify and solve any backup or recovery problems before they occur.

Refering to Premium Edition of the platform, in addition to VBR and ONE, incorporates Veeam Recovery Orchestrator (VRO). Adds full automation of the data recovery process, with near-zero recovery point objectives. In addition, it automates testing, and offers complete data resiliency, with one-click recovery. Those who opt for this edition will also be eligible for the new Veeam Ransomware guarantee, which covers the cost of data recovery, in the event of ransomware or cyberattack, up to $5 million.

This guarantee also includes a 30-minute support service level agreement, a dedicated support account manager, quarterly health checks, and optional design and installation services through an accredited service provider. Additionally, in the event of an attack, Veeam will deploy the Ransomware SWAT team, a dedicated group of security support experts trained in ransomware recovery.

All editions of Veeam Data Platform have several new features thanks to VBR v12 including new direct backups to object storage, which takes full advantage of both on-premises and cloud unlimited object local scalability. All without sacrificing performance. Allows you to send backups directly to the ecosystem of Veeam object storage partners on premises, as well as back up from edge locations to cloud object storage.

Plus, it offers trusted immutability for every workload, making sure backups can always be restored after a cyberattack. For this, it has full immutability options from trusted providers. These options include object, block, and file storage; as well as hardened repositories and deduplication storage devices on premises, as well as cloud and tape object storage.

On the other hand, it allows a rapid response to ransomware attacks, through identification, warning and restoration. In the latter case, clean data. It also includes proven recovery automation and orchestration for all workloads. It also offers Zero Trust with MFA, passwordless service accounts for Windows, one-time credentials for Linux, and stronger attack defense with support for Kerberos-only and IPv6-only environments.

For hybrid cloud, it adds immutable backups for AWS and Azure cloud-native workloads, new built-in cloud agents for lift-and-shift workloads, and unified monitoring and reporting across the cloud. cloud.

Veeam Universal Storage API 2.0 and New Smart Object Storage API they offer more possibilities for enterprise scalability and external resilience. Ecosystem providers include Pure Storage, Scality, and Object First.

Data Platform Premium also includes recovery orchestration, with automated and orchestrated recovery to Microsoft Azure, instant restore of Veeam Agents backups as virtual machines, and automated recovery rollback for clean, ransomware-free data recoveries.

Platform extensions can be added to any of the three Veeam Data Platform editions, or work independently. These include Backup for Kubernetes with Veeam Kasten K10, Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365, and Veeam Bakcup for Salesforce.

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