Venom 2: Tom Hardy asks not to spoil the post credit scenes

A few days ago the preview of Venom 2, with the presence of the director in the room Andy Serkis and of Tom Hardy, which shortly before the screening of the film asked the audience not to spoil the post credit scenes present at the end of the film.

Fans who got a chance to see Venom: Carnage’s Fury in preview they kept their word to the actor, commenting only on the quality of the film and confirming the presence of a “screaming” scene during the credits.

Venom: Carnage’s Fury contains a memorable post credit scene and Tom Hardy asks not to spoil

Just under a month to go until the release of Venom: Carnage’s Fury but someone had the opportunity to see in advance the sequel to the film dedicated to the Symbiote from Marvel. With a screening held during Fans First in London, which saw the presence of Tom Hardy And Andy Serkis, a good number of fans were able to preview the new Sony movie and the comments were particularly positive.

Before the screening of Venom 2 however, the protagonist Tom Hardy asked the audience to keep the mystery around the post-credit scenes and not to spoilers, so as not to spoil the surprise for all those who will go to see the film in theaters from October 14th.

Perhaps at the end of this film there is something you should see that has become a tradition for titles like this. What you will see, however, must remain in this room. Do you promise me not to spoilers on Twitter and not to reveal anything?

With a request of this type, the possibilities that the credits may contain references or characters that fans have been waiting for for several years are becoming more and more concrete.

Andy Serkis and Keving Feige in recent months had declared that sooner or later Venom and Carnage would collide with Spider Man and perhaps that moment is closer than expected.

The reactions of the audience in the hall at the end of the film are absolutely positive and enthusiastic, with many fans calling it the wonderful and best film of the first film.

Many highlighted the extraordinary performances of Tom Hardy And Woody Harrelson, but everyone’s suggestion is to stop by for the post credit scenes.

October 14th Venom: Carnage’s Fury will be released in all theaters and finally we will be able to discover the direction that the next chapter of Venom will take.

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