Venom: The Fury of Carnage, a short video behind the scenes is online

In a new behind-the-scenes appearance on the Apple TV + Twitter account, the director of Venom: Carnage’s Fury, Andy Serkis, explained his excitement at the idea of ​​being able to enter the world of Venom and offered fans a little extra content to the trailer shown yesterday.

In his interview, Serkis did not hesitate to make comparisons with his character as Gollum in the trilogy of The Lord of the Rings. In fact, he sees his time in that franchise as the key to why he’s perfect for Venom.

“I have spent a considerable part of my life playing a character with two sides to his personality”Serkis explained with a smile. “There is common ground there.”

You can check out the tweet directly below:

Plot, details and release date of Venom: The Fury of Carnage

Venom: Carnage’s fury should arrive in US cinemas on September 24, 2021, while the Italian release date of the film has not yet been made official.

The film, which will be directed by Andy Serkis, will see the return of Tom Hardy in the role of the double role Eddie Brock / Venom, which they will join Michelle Williams as Anne Weying, Woody Harrelson plays Cletus Kasady, aka Carnage, while Naomie Harris (Moonlight) plays the villain Shriek.

More than a year after having “embraced” the bond with the alien symbiote that transformed it into the anti-hero we all know, a true lethal protector, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) is ready to resume his career in investigative journalism interviewing serial killer Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson) in prison to find out where the bodies of his victims are buried.

But when Kasady himself becomes the host of another more ferocious and dangerous symbiote that elevates the psychosis of the cold killer to maximum power, Venom will find himself dealing with a real blood-red killing machine with no conscience.

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