Verdant, on Kickstarter a new board game from the Calico team

These are the last hours, but better late than never, of the campaign up Kickstarter from Verdant, a new board game created by the same team that brought us the Calico tile placement title.

Let’s find out what we will find within this title that has already convinced more than 10,000 supporters on the crowdfunding platform.

Verdant, on Kickstarter a new board game from the Calico team

The campaign is led by Flatout Games, for this title from 1 to 5 players and duration between 30 and 45 minutes. The illustrator of the title is the American Beth Sobel, specializing in board games and known for her previous works in Cascadia, Wingspan and Viticulture.

In Verdant we will dress up as enthusiasts with a green thumb, intent on creating a home as beautiful and green as possible. To do this we will collect cards on which we can find over 50 different species, each with its characteristics, its needs and, of course, a dowry in victory points. The cards are then assigned to the rooms of our house, building a tableau of 5 × 3 cards. The spaces, the light, the tools to grow the most luxuriant plants and even the pets that will find their place in the house will be managed.

Verdant It will be on Kickstarter only until October 27th, which means that the campaign will end very soon. They are therefore the last opportunities to be able to participate in the campaign. The contribution to grab a copy of Verdant is 25 euros, which will contain numerous dedicated promos and numerous stretch golas. The campaign has in fact raised, at the present time, over 260 thousand dollars.

If you would like to try it first or get a deeper idea, Verdant is already available on Tabletopia; alternatively, the download of the regulation is also available on the campaign page. But hurry, given the imminent end of the campaign.

Delivery is expected to backers in just under a year, in September 2022.

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