Verse becomes the financial app with the largest social media community

The electronic money entity Verse continues with its widespread growth, focused on millennials and generation Z.

The Spanish fintech now adds more than 120,000 followers and 1.1 million likes on TikTok and 1.4 million followers on Instagram, which places it as the financial app with largest community on social networks in Europe with more than three million followers among their profiles on Instagram, Tik-Tok, Discord and Telegram.

The increase of its community on social networks has been gradual in recent years with more than 137,000 new users in 2019, more than 562,000 new users in 2020 and the most significant increase reached in 2021 with a rise of more than 685,000 new followers. In addition, this increase in followers has been accompanied by constant interaction with its Average Rate on Instagram by HypeAuditor February 2023 users.

On average, Verse’s posts exceed 300,000 views and in the case of sweepstakes or promotions that figure reaches a million. These data have made Verse the fintech with the highest engagement on Instagram, above 12% compared to 1.97% for profiles with more than one million followers on this network.

Much of this success is based on reformulating the traditional language of banks and financial institutions into one that connects with the new generations through chat channels such as Discord, Telegram, and WhatsApp, which allow the brand to maintain a direct and transparent. An example of this has been the incorporation of the VerseTaga username associated with a payment link that allows transfers without the need to share the phone number or account, and which was integrated into the app as a result of user requests for this functionality on networks.

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“At Verse we flee from excessive protocols and we act in a much fresher and more spontaneous way on social networks to strengthen the relationship with our community. We are one more user and that freedom fits perfectly with what they expect of us. Our main objective is to be present in the places where our users are. Having a presence in their preferred apps and services has been key to achieving this dimension of community” says Carlos San Isidro, Head of Marketing and Communications at Verse.

A 100% user-focused strategy and new trends

The brand adopts an always on attitude for its network strategy with a fluid communication with those profiles that set trends on each platform. Thus, Verse’s collaborative actions with ambassadors are always worked together with the focus on the user, since the brand is aware that these content creators are the ones who know their community best.

The development of content is always built from the user with proposals that arise, for example, from their own comments on the
application, such as the #VistoenVerse line of posts, which rewards the most ingenious comment each week, or with different initiatives such as contests at relevant moments of consumption such as those carried out this Christmas, ‘VerseClaus’ or ‘VerseReyes’.

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