VHS tapes are making a comeback, copies are selling for more than 70,000 euros

The VHS video cassette is making a comeback and is arousing new enthusiasm. If nostalgics and amateurs have always maintained and preserved these treasures of yesteryear, new investors are now getting involved in the fight. And the market for used video cassettes is booming.

Older technologies are coming back into vogue and are all seeing a resurgence of interest lately. Retrogaming, for example, has surfed on an unusual wave of attraction, and some companies have even artificially increased their prices to achieve higher sales. More recently, vinyl records have seen a resurgence, with vinyl records topping CD sales for the first time in 34 years. From now on, it is the VHS video cassettes that come out of their graves and spontaneously resurface.

Launched in the late 70s, the VHS was a cassette with a magnetic tape. It allowed, by inserting it in a video recorder, to watch the last blockbuster the moment or to record a program on television to watch it later. For this, of course, it was necessary to have a famous video recorder and especially a television of the time, with precisely a television of the CRT type. Fallen into oblivion in the 2000s, VHS video cassettes are now making a comeback.

The VHS is back and fetching high prices from collectors

The models of VHS video cassettes that are still alive are indeed snapping up at exorbitant prices. And some collectors no longer hesitate to buy them at very high prices. Just recently, a collector spent $75,000 to buy an original VHS of the film Back to the future. The latter belonged in particular to Tom Wilson, the actor who played Biff Tannen. The blockbusters of the 80s are therefore still popular, and a copy of Sea teeth was sold to him for 32,500 dollars.

To continue, a VHS ofRambo sold for $22,500, and that of the Goonies sold for $50,000, against just over $23,000 for that of ghostbusters. The trend is such that the creators of Stranger Things – which is having a phenomenal success with season 4 – would consider releasing the series on VHS. To make a nice nod to the time when the series takes place, in the 80s. So search your cupboards and take out your old VHS, a treasure may be hiding among them.

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