Vials with “smallpox” found in the refrigerator of a laboratory in the US

The Centers for the Control and Prevention of Diseases (CDC for its acronym in English), reported on the finding of some bottles with the label “smallpox“That were in the refrigerator of a laboratory in Pennsylvania.

The health authorities indicated that the bottles were foundaccidentally”By a lab worker, who wore gloves and face mask at the time of discovery. “There is no indication that anyone was exposed to the small number of vials,” said Belsie González, a CDC spokeswoman.

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“The CDC, its government partners and the authorities are investigating the matter and the contents of the vials appear to be intact,” explained Belsie González in a statement quoted by the AP agency in which it was not mentioned in which laboratory they were found.

More about smallpox

On May 8, 1980 the World Health Assembly officially declared that “the world and all its inhabitants have been liberated from the smallpox”, Which ended a disease that had plagued humanity for at least 3,000 years, notes the World Health Organization (who).

Smallpox is a disease deadly infectious which is caused by the rod virus, notes the AP agency. Those who were infected suffered fever, body aches, spots and blisters that left terrible scars.

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The WHO points out that smallpox was ended thanks to a global effort that lasted ten years, in which health professionals participated to “administer 500 million vaccines”.

The United States reported that the last natural outbreak was in 1949, now research on smallpox in that country focuses on the development of vaccines, drugs and diagnostic tests to protect people if it is used as an agent for bioterrorism, says CDC taken by AP.


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