Video games on Android 12 will be playable even if they haven’t finished downloading

The next version of Android 12 brings a mode to play video games on mobile even if the download is not finished.

Play a video game when it is not yet fully downloaded and installed? For those who have a computer, this is nothing new: it is for example quite possible to play certain titles, even if they are not yet fully recovered on the PC. We are thinking, for example, of certain content patches offered for titles such as Diablo 3 or World of warcraft.

A feature delivered with Android 12

This approach will be rolled out on mobile, with Android 12. As Frandroid points out, the next big version of the smartphone operating system includes a mode that allows you to launch a game even if it has not been downloaded. This will require that upstream, the studios indicate what are the essential resources for the game to run, even if there is not yet everything.

An overview of the interface of Android 12. // Source: Google

This service, called ” play as you download “, For example allows someone to test a title that would be particularly bulky, without being sure that it is worth it. If while playing at the first level, he realizes that he does not like him, he could thus stop the download in the background. It could also be useful if the speed of the Internet connection is low.

This will be a feature reserved for Android 12, as the operating system will have a new file management system. As for the games, they will need Android App Bundle exploit – this is a new application format that replaces the famous APK. Android 12 was presented in May 2021. This new version will make its public debut in the fall.

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