Videos were getting cut off when watching Netflix or YouTube in Chrome: Here’s how I fixed it

Over the years, Internet browsers have become practically essential programs for most users. In fact, for many it is the first application that they launch as soon as they start their computer. Here we refer to well-known software solutions such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge where today we play all kinds of videos.

Surely many of you already know first-hand that these programs in the form of Internet browsers help us to carry out all kinds of tasks. They no longer only focus on visiting news websites, for example. We can also use web applications to work, open videoconference sessions with the rest of the world, play with other online users, or play all kinds of multimedia content. Next, we want to focus on this last mode of operation, specifically on the video playback.

It is true that we have been seeing this type of contents specifically from our web browser. But now and after the enormous proliferation of streaming video platforms, this use has become much more widespread. Many users prefer to use the web version of these video streaming platforms instead of their official clients. We also find many web pages that have their own content of this type, not to mention the popular YouTube. However, it may be the case that these video content playback tasks do not work as well as we would like.

Precisely for this reason, below we are going to talk about some solutions to solve these errors when playing videos in google chrome.

Update the browser to its latest version

In order to receive the latest internal and interface functions that Google has developed for your browser, it is important to keep the program updated. This is something that extends to the reproduction of these contents of video because we could experience problems in all of it due to some incompatibility or failure of the program.

This means that, as is often the case with most software, we should have the latest stable version of this web browser installed and thus solve playback problems.

Disable hardware acceleration feature

This is a functionality that is activated by default in the Google browser and that is responsible for optimizing the use of some hardware components. Generally this speeds up the loading of web pages and allows us to work with the browser in a more fluid way. However, the hardware acceleration function that we mentioned to you sometimes gives problems on some computers.

chrome hardware acceleration

Therefore, if the playback of video content does not look good or unexpected jumps occur, the best thing we can do is access the program’s settings and deactivate this feature. Possibly this fixes the failed punctual that we have had when playing videos here.

Increase website resolution

Keep in mind that many platforms offer their own streaming videos that allow us to modify the resolution and quality of this playback. This is the case of websites as well known as Youtube either Netflix. Therefore, in the event that the image does not look as it should, it is recommended to increase this default resolution in order to improve the user experience in Google Chrome.

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