Vietnamese Apple suppliers force their workers to sleep overcrowded to avoid contagion

If the Chinese manufacturers were not “little sisters of charity” with their employees, with standards and actions that are out of place in any civilized country, reaching almost the slavery of their workers, it seems that the companies vietnamese they are even worse.

Apple should intervene in this, controlling and forcing its suppliers to meet minimum labor awareness with its thousands of employees. But of course, that would mean that a lower performance of the workforce would have an impact on the prices that Manzana pays those providers …

Bloomberg has just published a new report where it explains that the suppliers of Apple and Samsung in Vietnam, force thousands of workers in their factories to sleep overcrowded in the dormitory floors that enables the company to minimize the risk of contagion by COVID-19 in the country, and thus ensure the operation of the factory.

The report says that in the northern provinces of Bac Ninh and Bac Giang, a key manufacturing area for Samsung Electronics Co. and Apple Inc.’s main suppliers, authorities say about 150,000 workers live crowded in industrial parks to reduce the risk of contagion by covid-19.

It also points out that in the commercial center of Ho Chi Minh City, 22 companies with a workforce of 25,000 employees they also set up dormitory wards for an unspecified number of employees, local journalists report.

The report says that thousands of people are sleeping in metal bunk beds with bamboo mats and cribs in makeshift dormitories, as well as in tents stretched out on concrete floors within cavernous hallways, and are quarantined until negative after returning. From home.

While Apple faces many complaints from its own workers who do not want to return to Apple park in September, on the other side of the world, many factory workers from the company’s suppliers cannot go home. What a fabric.

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