ViewSonic introduces a new portable monitor for creators

The ViewSonic firm has introduced a new portable monitor specifically aimed at content creators, the ColorPro VP16-OLED. This model offers a fantastic level of performance for a portable model, and from the first moment it makes it clear that it meets everything necessary for us to consider it a professional monitor.

The ViewSonic ColorPro VP16-OLED has a simple and minimalist design, and has a kickstand that allows us to use it both horizontally and vertically. Its screen is 15.6 inches, it is PANTONE Validated and uses an OLED panelwhich means that it is capable of delivering deep blacks, 178-degree viewing angles, and good color reproduction.

In its list of official specifications we can also see that it has 1080p resolution, and that it covers the 100% DCI-P3 color space. Its response time is 1 ms, it has a refresh rate of 60 Hz and it has been calibrated at the factory to offer a Delta E < 2. The brightness is not out of place either, since it reaches 400 nits, and it has two USB Type connectors -C, a mini HDMI and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

ViewSonic has confirmed that this monitor is made of aluminumhas a very thin and light format (weighs less than 1 kilogram) and that it can be used in different positions and inclinations, which helps to better meet the needs of different professionals. Without a doubt, it is an interesting option for those professionals who are always on the move, and who need to have a second screen to be able to work.

The ViewSonic ColorPro VP16-OLED is priced in Spain at 388 euros, VAT includeda high but reasonable figure considering what it offers, and the cost of other similar solutions today.

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