Vikings 6: review of episode 19 “The Lord Giveth …”

The clash between the Norse and English armies is imminent, who will win? The one guided by King Alfred’s unshakable faith or the one commanded by the shrewd Ivar Senzossa?

You will find out by reading this review of episode 19 of Vikings 6, but if you don’t want to run into spoilers, stop now that you are in time.

The devil is hiding in the forest in Vikings 6

After a long wait and a huge displacement of troops, the English and the Vikings finally arrive at the frontal confrontation. As seen in previous series, the Norsemen, led by the shrewd Ivar, they engage in battle with the intent of luring the British into an unfavorable terrain for the latter. The chosen place is a foggy wood, dense with trees that hinders the movements of the much larger English army.

First, the front lines are attracted with real traps, and favored by the mist, the fearsome Viking warriors and the indomitable shield-maiden warriors appear like ghosts.

The battle plan of King Alfred seems to crumble moment by moment, above all thanks to the plan implemented by Ivar who must have treasured the previous battles, using strategies that recall those of the French defenders during thesiege of Paris operated by Ragnar Lothbrok.

Personally, I raise some doubts about the veracity and effectiveness of these systems, such as the mysterious flammable liquid that transforms the unfortunate English soldiers into real human torches.

At the height of the battle, we see the real stroke of genius in Ivar’s plan: kidnap the queen Elsewith with two Norse robes as personal guards of the aforementioned. The plan seems to be successful except that she, demonstrating a true warrior spirit, manages to free herself at the last moment and her husband Alfred rushes to her aid who is seriously injured in freeing her.

It seems to be getting very bad for the King and his army, but providentially the fog thickens, hindering the attack of the Vikings, who, recalled by the sound of the horns, retreat, thus allowing the English army to regroup and leave that cursed wood. . Disoriented by the fog, during the retreat, King Harald he emerges out of the woods on the English side, thus being reached and mortally wounded by the bishop Aldulf.

The Mad Man

Ubbe, Grim, Othere and the other Vikings landed in North America after reaching the native village Mi’kmaq, they are surrounded by the latter, who keep them at gunpoint with a bow and arrow. The tension is palpable but one of the native warriors beckons his men to lay down their weapons and invites the group of Vikings to meet the village chief at the main tent of the village.

The latter welcomes the Norsemen into her home by presenting – in their native language – the various members of the tribe and their family. Moved by the baby’s cries Ragnar – son of Ubbe and Torvi – the woman lets slip a word in Old Norse (“happy”) and the Vikings immediately understand that the natives must have come into contact with other Norsemen.

After being welcomed by the natives, the Vikings decide to return the favor, inviting them to find them in the place where they have temporarily settled and trying to establish a friendship. Indian women are intrigued by the hairstyles of Viking women, while men trade weapons: the Viking ax for the American bow and arrows.

Ubbe, during a conservation with the village chief, he finally manages to understand from her that there is actually another one of them, who lives isolated a short distance away, the so-called mad man.

Eager to discover the identity of this character, Ubbe and the others are accompanied to the home of this person, who has built an ingenious tree house with the typical Norse appearance: from this house, one descends – thanks to a counterweights – a character that I believe was missed by all fans of the early Vikings series, that is Floki, the brilliant boat builder, with an unmistakable grin!

The iron fist of Queen Ingrid

Erik he is concocting a plan to take out Ingrid, guilty of causing him blindness with his witchcraft. So hire a slave – Orlyg – asking him to kill the queen in exchange for freedom. A simple plan, perhaps too much. In fact, it will not be long before the servant’s attempt will be discovered, thanks to another servant faithful to the queen: the same slave, previously attracted and killed Erik, effectively consolidating the Kingdom of Ingrid a Kattegat. A miserable end for Erik, who as a character I believed could instead grow even more, but he was a victim of the usual court intrigue and the thirst for power among the powerful.

Predictions for the clash between Norsemen and English? Who will win? Happy with Floki’s return in Vikings 6? Personally, to tell the truth, I no longer hoped for it.

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